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Peer power turns around freshmen's failing grades

Graduation coach Robert Joe credits the power of peer pressure with pushing dozens of freshmen with failing grades to pass their classes in the last few weeks of school. 64 more words

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Graduation rates: Time for some cheering -- Opinion

As we approach the end of the school year, one important statistic needs to be given a little more notice than it’s received.

It’s the fact that Henley High School achieved a 99.25 percent graduation rate in 2016, and will be close to that this year. 25 more words


Pathways to Education: A Tutor's Journey

Over the past two years, I have found myself in a room full of high school students, trying to remember trigonometry (SOHCAHTOA!), explaining artificial insemination to a blushing young girl, reviewing the intricacies of cellular division, helping to research racial discrimination in Canada, using rudimentary sign language with English-language-learners, and cringing when I hear the words “Shakespeare” and “comparative essay” in the same sentence. 613 more words

How can we revive rural Georgia and its schools?

In many of the major education debates underway in Georgia and nationwide, rural areas sit on the sidelines. The innovations under review — charter schools, vouchers or tax credits for private school scholarships — seem as unlikely to spring up in their communities as a Starbuck’s or Pottery Barn. 907 more words


Small Class Sizes=Big Results

As the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) Board of Education considers its budget for the coming year, some school board members are supporting an initiative to reduce class sizes in high poverty elementary schools in kindergarten-third grade classrooms. 508 more words

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Credit Recovery Farce Generates Spectacular Graduation Rates

A miracle has occurred. America’s high school graduation rates peaked at about 77% in 1970 and then drifted down for almost four decades to 69% in 2007. 1,980 more words

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