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Why So Many Graduate Students Quit?

Not only universities have an undergraduate graduation rate problem, it seems that  graduate schools also have the same issue. No wonder there is a pipeline issue. 94 more words


Giordano and Hassel. Developmental Reform and the Two-Year College. TETYC, May 2016. Posted 07/25/2016.

Giordano, Joanne Baird, and Holly Hassel. “Unpredictable Journeys: Academically At-Risk Students, Developmental Education Reform, and the Two-Year College.” Teaching English in the Two-Year College 43.4 (2016): 371-90. 1,062 more words


5 things to consider before choosing to attend a for-profit college

For-profit colleges: You may have heard about them in advertisements blaring on the radio and commercials flickering on your television screen.

The schools, which are beholden to stockholders and investors, aim to attract non-traditional students who may feel like a traditional college or university is out of reach. 812 more words


New VP of academic affairs to zoom in on graduation rates

Dr. Roger L. Yohe, who has nearly three decades of administrative and teaching experience at Arizona community colleges, has joined Palm Beach State College as the new vice president for academic affairs. 613 more words

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College 'victory laps' can cost an extra $300K

Not graduating college on time might cost parents and students more than you’d think.

Students in a four-year program who take six years to graduate can expect to lose as much as $300,000, according to a new study from NerdWallet.com using National Association of Colleges and Employers data. 645 more words


Committing to Action at CGI America

We recently sent our very own Sandra LaFleur, Vice President of Program, to the Clinton Global Initiative America 2016 (CGI America). Here is what she learned, in her own words. 728 more words

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Chicago's Urban Prep and 100 Percent College Acceptance: Time for the Rest of the Story

In March 2016, Chicago-based Urban Prep advertised that 100 percent of its 252 seniors have been admitted into a four-year college or university– for the seventh year in a row. 415 more words