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Life after high school

For most of us, especially the ones closest to graduation,  the thought of leaving school and having to start somewhere new might frighten us, although for others, the idea thrills them. 1,009 more words

In English

Embracing the Messiness: Committing to Blog

On December 13 2014, I graduated from McMurry University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Christian Ministry. Upon graduation, I had almost a month to plan for my future and read the multitude of classic books I received from a friend, but I took full advantage of my excess of free time by binge watching Netflix and “catching up” on all of the sleep I had lost from the past three and a half years of college. 360 more words


Everbody Loves Spring with Spring Gonzlez

Spring and the “Masked Mumbler,” Bryan Walsh, have the Morning News for Tuesday 3/3, Hillary Clinton never used a government email?? 42 more words

Campus Buzz

Over the hill

The year 2014 was challenging academically and otherwise, trying to contain a tsunami in a tea cup. I gave it my all but I know that I could have given a little more either way, I’m happy a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders… I passed and have successfully completed my grad programme and it feels amazing. 209 more words

Three Things, Third Month

My apologizes on giving you guys the update on Big Tens and leaving you hanging for over a week! Following coming home we hosted the Men’s Championship meet, so I was at the pool cheering 6 hours a day doing physical therapy every chance I could get. 544 more words

Student Athlete

Who I am...and stuff

So. This is my blog. I’m new this world. Never really understood it, seems like a public diary of sorts to me, not that it necessarily has to be. 985 more words