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Dear Future Us

As we recently reached our 1 year anniversary of Sober Kisses, we thought why not commemorate this journey with a special post. Not sure if our origin story has already been told, but to sum it up this whole blog started off as a way for the four of us to tell each other stories in a forum that allowed for something greater than hasty texts and half-told stories. 1,176 more words

My TOK Essay 2017. Topic 6.

I wrote this piece as a required Theory of Knowledge submission for my IB Diploma, in the May 2017 series. Out of the prescribed topics, I chose number 6, as is mentioned below. 1,655 more words

Growing Up

Graduation Day

Graduation day. Unstable as I trot around in shoes too adult for me, wearing make-up I have not yet learnt to apply, with my staple minimal effort self drying hairstyle. 323 more words


The big day. 

I don’t know whether you know but ! I have a brother.

Did I tell you this? I’m sure I mentioned it once or twice. And if not … I HAVE A BROTHER EVERYONE !!! 381 more words

6 Series Every Teen Should Read Before Graduation

Reading below your age level is often frowned upon, but it shouldn’t be. Children’s and young adult fiction novels can be some of the most thought-provoking series out there. 628 more words

The Writing on the Wall

I clicked the sharpie in my hand uncontrollably. As I walked back through the auditorium, (mostly empty besides a few lollygagging seniors searching for a tassel that was almost certainly long gone) I considered whether the knots in my stomach were thanks relief or terror. 710 more words

Creative Nonfiction

I just graduated. Now what?

Hey guys! So I just graduated from university and finally got my bachelor’s degree after four years of pain and tears lol. JK, it’s hard and tiring but it’s also so much fun! 706 more words

Light Talks