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What to do when you're done.

I knew i would be thrown into the real world at one point, left to fend on my own two feet without the security of a teacher or a lecturer to reassure me, i just didn’t expect it to come around so soon. 225 more words


Graduating College as an Adult

I feel an odd mix of emotions, but also, I wonder if all college graduates experience something similar.  I feel a sense of trepidation, relief, and excitement.   533 more words

Online Learning

Graduation 2017

This year as I graduated from high school, I decided to do a photoshoot in my cap and gown to make the memories last a little longer. 41 more words


the graduation speech that never was

I remember walking in on the first week of school as a freshman with my white polo Abercrombie t-shirt, bright blue jeans, and red Sperrys. I remember that day; I felt invincible. 503 more words

High School

Senior Crowing Prep

By Sarah Lemos

Here come the seniors, walking in the halls for their last year. Heads held high with their senior crowns on top; each one being unique, wonderful, and representing each of their personas. 385 more words


New Beginnings

So in July, I graduated. I now have a Psychology Degree from Queen Mary University. It sounds super weird to write, knowing that I’ve achieved what I set out to three years ago. 537 more words