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Favorite Things ... Day 5: Last Will Addendum & Cards

My husband and I recently paid some lawyers loads and loads of money to ‘protect our assets’ if we die. (i.e. our money … and the things that were bought with our money). 516 more words


TSS Update from Jack

Graduation season is upon us! If you are shooting some, or are interested and want to learn more, please join us in OKC on Tuesday, May 17th.  459 more words


Day 124: Rituals within rituals

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The people at today’s graduation ceremony would’ve been born around 1993 or 1994.

I tell myself that I’m still reasonably in touch with things. 51 more words

365 Day Photos

“Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone.”

The grey day is in anticipation for the rain coming tonight. It feels cold to me, a bit raw. My sister has snow. She says it has been snowing a while but not much has accumulated on the roads, and the grass is barely covered. 567 more words


Graduation Season Packages

Let us follow you on your special day.
*Ask About Our Prices.*

And She Begins Thirty-Something

I remember the spring when my older brother and his best friend graduated from high school… and thinking to myself that they were old. I was a… 896 more words

About Ourselves

Thinking Outside the Box

I love to think, and love to collect great thoughts when they come my way. The following came from the internet a few months ago. It’s about a graduating class in Nova Scotia, Canada and is claimed to be a true story. 302 more words