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How to write your own learning outcomes for embedding measurement

For Measurement

You can do this yourself or download the worksheet here.

  1. Choose one item below then add your own context.
  2. Write out a final draft of the learning outcome.
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What are some examples of learning outcomes for literacy and numeracy?

Here are some more examples of learning outcomes for literacy and numeracy. Feel free to use, adapt or modify these to suit your own purposes. Or if you’re already sorted, skip ahead to the next module. 373 more words

Strategy: Thinking more deeply about your literacy strategy

In order for your literacy strategy to be effective, you need to consider your answers to the following questions. These are all on the worksheets and are the same as what you’ll find in your assessment template. 532 more words

Strategy: How to write your own strategy for embedding writing

This time you need to create your own strategy for embedding writing into your programme.

You can download it here if you need it.

  1. Choose one or two items from the box and then add your own context below.
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Strategies: What are some examples of literacy strategies?

Here are some examples of literacy strategies developed by tutors for embedding literacy into their programmes. These are one sentence summaries. You’ll need to write something similar. 114 more words

4. Strategies for embedding LN into your programme

Kia ora and welcome…!

This is the fourth of seven collections covering the knowledge and skills you need to teach better by embedding literacy and numeracy into your training. 310 more words

Demands: What are some specific measurement demands?

If you know what you’re doing, please skip ahead to the assessment task and finish this off. If you want to walk through the process one last time with the measurement progression, please carry on! 1,095 more words