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Walking along the winding muddy path through the thin forest of trees atop a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, you can find a lot of color hidden between the plants and sidewalk above. 237 more words


PRILIC a new exhibition raising questions around what we consider to be private and public at this moment - interview with organiser Josh Ben-Tovim

It has been a pleasure to bring work together for some amazing Bristol artists to join the other artwork and events at Prilic. Here is just a small sample of the work from Stepehen Quick, J.West, John Curtis, Grise Malayerba, Jimmer Willmott, Mary Rouncefield, Sophie Long, Zase, Decay, Julian Quaye, Ron, Nick Harvey and DIFF.  658 more words

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Editing Workshop: Signals for Argument

When you make an argument in writing you are participating in an ongoing conversation. One of the primary ways that conversation takes place in writing is when you quote other critics and views, bring them into your argument, and in some way work off them: come to terms, forward, counter, take an approach. 837 more words

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Backroom man Moses pulls the strings

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MOST fans wouldn\u2019t spot him on the street, but player agent Isaac Moses is more powerful than most of the suits with \u2018NRL\u2019 on their business cards. 2,944 more words

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Literacy: Not your Shakespearian Definition

As the development of technology bombards today’s youth, the “bells and whistles” on their new gadgets causes them to ignore an important aspect of their development: reading. 1,426 more words

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The Lesedi La Rona has found its home at Graff Diamonds - for $53m

Successful negotiations, lasting more than a year, closed the deal between Laurence Graff, chairman of Graff Diamonds, and the chairman of Canadian mining company Lucara Diamond Corp, for the acquisition of the world’s most valuable diamond, the Lesedi La Rona, for a staggering $53 million. 712 more words