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Alfred Hitchcock by DavidL

The second part of my feature on the incredible work of DavidL focuses on this piece of revered movie director Alfred Hitchcock. The influential British director famous for his films Psycho, vertigo and many more has been added to David’s walls of fame in a secret location outside of Barcelona. 69 more words

Street Art

Streetart - Dublin

Here is an example of some fab street art in Dublin, a comic portrait of a bearded businessman. The man is thinking about different things which do not appear to be linked. 42 more words


Walls That Build Community

Murals around town give the drivers and walkers new things to view. The examples here are in alley ways and parking lots, and if you stick to the busy streets, you could miss them completely. 32 more words

Urban Sights

Se alquila avión. O aviación. Por meses. Entremeses.

Lo primero de todo, decir que ante el infinito número de cabrones que conozco he pixelado el número de teléfono, no sea que se le ocurra a alguien putear a este señor o señora, que bastante tiene con lo suyo.  393 more words

Pintadas Nacionales

1311. M32 roundabout J3 (65)

There is a reliable consistency about the work of Soker. Always high quality and always delivered with some panache. In this piece of writing e has opted for a chrome finish on a wall background. 81 more words