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Sevilla’s Museo del Graffiti

The riverbanks of Sevilla are home to some of the city’s most spectacular pieces of graffiti. Along the riverbank is a wall on which street artists to paint without the risk of fines. 42 more words


Opening Reception - Rust Magic

In the 1970’s and 80’s, with the New York City subways as the primary “canvas”, graffiti was forged into one of the last great art movements of the 20th century. 110 more words

Ice Gallery

Signs of the Time#17

If there is one thing remarkable about the graffiti in my neighbourhoos, it is how lamentably unpolitical it is…

Well hello there, long time no see

Fancy meeting you here, and of all the places too! After the initial excitement of bumping into one other, these old friends promptly caught up on each others lives, over more than a few coffees. 138 more words