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Haiku, Guerrilla Art Goes Mainstream

Guerrilla Art Goes Mainstream (haiku) “A Basquiat brings – over a hundred mil; make – sure your kids make art”


On Banksy possibly being caught on camera while creating graffiti art in Bethlehem by unnamed woman

You cannot have any aspirations in life, let alone ones in art, and not admire something about Banksy. The fact that he kept his identity a secret gives him credibility as an artist that very few – if any – artists had put forth at any point in art history, Western, Eastern: obliterating the artist completely, letting the art hold.


the misreading of Brown Mary, Black Jesus mural

In late November 2016, Cedar Rapids’ The Gazette printed a story about a muralist and his Brown Mary, Black Jesus.  In fact, that was the headline hook.  939 more words

The Art Evangelist

paint on grass? go huge

You gotta love the Swiss.  This biodegradable art mural is the largest painting on grass, ever.  The reclining shepherd smoking a pipe was created using nothing but water, flour, linseed oil and pigment — all natural products intended to fade and wash away as the grass grows and rain falls.  125 more words

agra-ffiti: street art goes rural

Silage bales are just gorgeous just on their own.  In Ireland, Artist Kev Largey converted a plastic covered pyramid of them by taking his street graffiti skills to the rural field, an art form we’re coining as “agra-ffiti”. 166 more words