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OpinionSpy resurgent

Some of us were slightly confused back in 2012 when Intego flagged a problem with the alleged spyware/adware program it calls OSX/Opinionspy – a market research program calling itself PremierOpinion. 58 more words


If the NSA hacked North Korea's networks before the Sony attacks, there's an obvious question...

Mystery around sony hack continues as sources said that NSA knows about this attack in advance then why they didn’t warn sony corporation?
Is it a real attack or some setup from NSA to release the movie ‘the interview’ for freely available for everyone? 21 more words


Clueless about the Internet

UK Prime Minister David Cameron is in the US trying to get President Barack Obama to help him stop people being beastly on the Internet. And he’s also using the opportunity to prove to the world, once and for all, that he hasn’t even the faintest idea how the Internet works. 441 more words