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InstallCore strikes again

Graham Cluley, writing for Intego, reports Mac Users Attacked Again by Fake Adobe Flash Update. Intego identifies the rogue installer as a variant of OSX/InstallCore. 53 more words

Graham Cluley

FBI: Apple, you're Dismissed...

In case you hadn’t noticed, the FBI claims it has now accessed encrypted data on the San Bernardino phone, and has apparently asked for the order forcing Apple to cooperate to be vacated. 165 more words


.OM sweet .OM

Further to the story I posted yesterday – Hackers assume the Lotus position – Graham Cluley has posted some useful commentary for Intego.

Type a URL Wrong, and You Might End up with Malware on Your Mac

David Harley

David Harley

HackingTeam part 2

Here’s a little more commentary by Graham Cluley for the Intego blog on the HackingTeam (or maybe not) resurgent malware.

Hacked Spyware Company Seems to Have Released More Mac Malware… 71 more words

Apple Malware

LG V10 Android - Fingertip Insecurity

Graham Cluley, writing for ESET, talks about a vulnerability that allows someone with physical access to a V10 to add recognition of their own fingerprint almost instantly, using… 31 more words


Updates Update

…in case they hadn’t hit your radar. Actually, commentary from the security industry rather than the actual updates.