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YiSpecter: Drop your iPhone, Mr Bond*

Claud Xiao responded to my (very mild) criticism in the original article below, making several points I think are well worth making.

In the past 5 years, there were over 10 malware, Adware or PoCs can affect non-jailbroken iOS devices. 372 more words


XcodeGhost - more spookiness

From Palo Alto:

Update: XcodeGhost Attacker Can Phish Passwords and Open URLs through Infected Apps

While John Leyden hypothesizes for The Register on why so many developers cut corners by using ‘dodgy code’: 65 more words


XcodeGhost excitement

There has been lots of excitement over the iOS (and *according to Palo Alto, OS X) malware XcodeGhost. Or, to be precise, apps compromised by the counterfeit XcodeGhost object file. 147 more words


iOS 9

Some comments seen on the new version of iOS. Sorry, I haven’t looked at it myself yet so no comments from me.

  1. The Register:  Shedload of security bugs squashed in iOS 9 – what the hell went wrong with iOS 8? 
  2. 78 more words

British Airways Scam: Alert!

Here’s yet one more example of the “if it seems too good to be true, it is” type of scam.  Graham Cluley recently wrote about this scam that’s been appearing on a bogus Facebook page (www.grahamcluley.com; “No, British Airways isn’t giving away free flights for a year.   142 more words

20,000 NHS Wales PCs still running Windows XP from beyond the grave

Windows XP, as regular readers of We Live Security will know, was supposed to have breathed its last on April 8th 2014, when Microsoft stopped supporting it. 476 more words

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Internet of Things Security Issues

I’ve written before about the Internet of Things (IoT) and some of the privacy and security issues that IoT raises.  Yes, there are some very helpful benefits from having so many of our devices inter-connected. 184 more words