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iOS support scams

Here’s an extract from another Mac Virus article – iOS Support Scams – on tech support scams, this time targeting iOS users:

A new blog by Graham Cluley for Intego… 67 more words

Graham Cluley

iOS Support Scams

A new blog by Graham Cluley for Intego actually has some points in common with my most recent blog here (which also involved pop-ups misused by support scammers, particularly in the context of Safari). 217 more words

David Harley

433,000 Ford cars to be recalled because of software bug – would you have preferred an internet update?

It’s the kind of news which will make some of the more mean-hearted of us chortle.

Well, those of us who don’t own Ford motor cars at least. 562 more words

Security News

A word of caution

I’ve been asked (again) about MacKeeper. The name has come up several times in comments directed towards Mac security sites like this one, Mac-related user forums and on various specialized lists, in the context of dubious malware alert pop-ups and aggressive marketing. 145 more words

Graham Cluley

Hackers inside the White House

A failure of cybersecurity technologies or a failure of us?

The reporting of cyber attacks and stolen data files has become a weekly occurrence, and even the highest offices of the United States government are not immune. 486 more words

Data Security

Did Simda Botnet Infect Your PC?

Graham Cluley reports on a multi-national, multi-agency takedown of the Simda botnet that is thought to have infected around 770,000 PCs around the world (www.grahamcluley.com; “A quick way to tell if your PC was infected by the Simda botnet”; April 14th). 135 more words