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The Third Man, by Graham Greene, narrated by Martin Jarvis

Quite by accident, I seem to have knocked off another title from 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. (664 to go, 2006 Edition!) Until I consulted my Goodreads shelves to mark that I’d finished it, I did not know that Graham Greene’s… 1,034 more words


A child was crying in a tenement not far from the Lord Warden, the wail of a child too young to speak, too young to have learnt what the dark may conceal in the way of lust and murder, crying for no intelligible reason but because it still possessed the ancestral fear, the devil was dancing in its sleep.

– Graham Greene, Journey Without Maps (1936)


I could find only two large-scale maps for sale. One, issued by the British General Staff, quite openly confesses ignorance; there is a large white space covering the greater part of the Republic, with a few dotted lines indicating the conjectured course of rivers (incorrectly, I usually found) and a fringe of names along the boundary.

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Not Graham Greene

Amazon asked me if my novel, Two Pumps for the Body Man, met my expectations. “Well, the author’s no Graham Greene,” I say. “Please send me some of that.” 212 more words


An interview with GRAHAM GREENE, the Guitar Shaman from Oz

Graham Greene is one of my favourite musicians: his music is in constant rotation in my house (it makes for perfect writing-music, for starters), and he’s also a genuinely hilarious and friendly guy. 2,692 more words


August Wrap-Up! :)

Hi! I realise we’re already well into September already but oh well, I’ve seen practically everyone do one of these posts and, as I’m trying to avoid thinking about entering my last year of school before University (eek!), I thought I’d do a wrap-up of all the books I managed to read during August. 842 more words

What happens next

The groundbreaking final shot in the classic thriller The Third Man is justly lauded as a masterpiece of anticipation and resolution, as well as the sheer bravura of it’s execution. 469 more words