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Review: The Doorkeepers - Graham Masterton

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

SYNOPSIS: As far as her family knows, Julia Winward, a young American woman, has been missing in England for nearly a year. 517 more words


The House that Jack built - Graham Masterton

When I read “The Home that Jack built” by Graham Masterton while leaving in Poland, the book was titled “Valhalla” which gave me a first impression of something else than I kept thinking about while getting ready to read it. 507 more words


Prey - Graham Masterton

Another good and a climatic read for early autumn nights is “Prey” by Graham Masterton, a book that is one of the most mysterious and puzzling works by the author and I never knew if I got it ‘right’ or not, if that take on books really exist. 366 more words


Walkers - Graham Masterton

I can’t remember the design of the cover of “Walkers” by Graham Masterton but I sure can remember enjoying the creepy atmosphere this British writer created in this book. 421 more words


Swimmer - Rook - Graham Masterton

Well. I might as well finish off the Rook series with “Swimmer” which is the fifth book in this great journey we embarked on by following Jim Rook, an English teacher from Los Angeles. 392 more words


Snowman - Rook - Graham Masterton

One might think that the fourth book in series “Rook” titled “Snowman” would mean that Graham Masterton run of new ideas or concepts but that is far from truth. 258 more words


The Terror - Rook - Graham Masterton

If you decided to grab “The Terror”, third book in “Rook” series you must have had liked Jim Rook and his adventures. This time, there’s a new student in our teacher’s class and that new arrival will cause some serious stir. 246 more words