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Will Smith, Margot Robbie, And Graham Norton Took A Selfie With The Audience, Because Why Not?

Ever heard of “hover hands”? It sounds like something from court documents, but it’s actually a technique used by some when taking pictures with others. To do this, you make like you’re going to wrap your arms and hands around the other person or persons, but you never touch them. 54 more words


'The Graham Norton Show'

It’s back (finally)! This week Graham Norton welcomes Sean Penn, Celia Imrie, Ross Noble and Kelly Clarkson.


'Some of them have been really bad': David Beckham reflects on his haircut mistakes

He’s certainly had his fair share of haircuts over the years – but David Beckham has admitted that not all of them quite hit the mark. 241 more words


Special Set of Skills

Seth MacFarlane doing the famous “Taken” lines as Kermit – funny!

Graham Norton Show on BBC America.


Lady Antebellum

Never heard of them but feel they must be well known. It was just one of those instantly appealing songs played by Graham Norton a few Saturdays ago. 20 more words


Fenton, my man, I thank you!

She has gone too far this time.

Having finally persuaded (I imagine there was much begging and wailing involved) Him to put a ring on Her hammy little mitts (that sadly taste nothing like actual ham – scandalous misrepresentation) and having harumpfed Herself off to India to offend the locals and fry herself on a beach (hands now taste nothing like bacon… most disappointing) She has returned with a pathetically earnest resolution to meditate every day, a disastrous collection of ethnic trousers and dropsy. 486 more words

Border Terrier

Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan eats cake version of himself

Fifty Shades of Grey, the Vancouver-filmed ode to BDSM and peculiar sexual liaisons between captains of industry and college seniors, whipped the competition at the box office during its opening weekend. 146 more words