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How The Duke of York’s made me think Eurovision isn't Garbage!

I’ve always felt the Eurovision Song Contest was a pile of piss. Countries voting politically for seemingly pointless points as ninnys and wrong’uns belt out ‘tunes’ that would make any person lobotomise themselves! 474 more words


Sheryl Crow on The Graham Norton Show

Tonight’s Graham Norton Show seems to be getting good today as we’ve now had TWO musical acts, first Keith Urban and Mel C and now US music legend Sheryl Crow with her new song Be Myself. 98 more words

Keith Urban and Mel C on The Graham Norton Show

Just finished watching an amazing special duet by two musical geniuses Keith Urban and former Sporty Spice Mel C called The Fighter on The Graham Norton Show on BBC1, alongside his current squeeze Nicole Kidman. 60 more words

Who are the Graham Norton Show guests tonight? Nicole Kidman among the stars on the sofa

Graham Norton is in danger of being a third wheel on Friday night as he is joined by Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban on Friday night. 170 more words


Holding - Graham Norton

“Someone had robbed her of her happiness, and now that they had found his body, she knew exactly who to blame.”

Blurb: “The remote Irish village of Duneen has known little drama; and yet its inhabitants are troubled.

402 more words

Matthew eats... The Eurovision Song Contest 2017

And so to my yearly review of The Eurovision Song Contest. I did not have high hopes for this year’s contest – stories of backstage chaos, tensions between the hosts Ukraine and Russia and an overall opinion on the fan forums of the quality of the songs being lower left me concerned that I was facing a very dull and badly organised three hours. 400 more words


Watch Charlie Hunnam as Graham Norton makes him relive his cringeworthy stint on Biker Grove

We now know Charlie Hunnam as the roguish Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy and, more recently, King Arthur in Guy Ritchie’s adaptation of the medieval legend. 350 more words