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My YouTube top 10: videos to make you share a smile


For today’s Monday motivation, I’ve decided to pick out 10 of my favourite YouTube videos which never fail to make me laugh. Because, as we all know, laughter is the best medicine. 416 more words


Steven Moffat's latest fantastic offering

Another measured contribution on the future of the BBC from one of its hottest writing talents Steven Moffat, whose credits include Doctor Who and Sherlock… 287 more words

The Future of the BBC

Much has been written recently about the future of the BBC.

The publication of the Government’s BBC Charter Review last week sparked much debate about what content the BBC should be producing. 545 more words

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Graham Norton is wrong about the BBC

Graham Norton seems an engaging fellow. As the BBC’s top talent he is said to trouser £1.5 million a year and that would make most of us quite engaging, I should think. 350 more words

BREAKING NEWS: X Factor team eat food

Eating in lifts? With plates and cutlery? This is madness!

What’s next? Cocaine off an escalator hand rail? Using curly straws instead of needles?

Or is this just Olly Murs’ cry for help? 145 more words


Graham Norton hits back at license fee critics: 'People would sh*t themselves if the BBC was switched off'

Graham Norton has waded into the hot potato debate that is the BBC license fee – stating that people would ‘sh*t themselves’ if the BBC was taken off air for a couple of months. 398 more words


The f-word's rise and rise

National stereotypes can be bewildering. The Spanish, for instance, are remarkably relaxed about queueing.

Whether it’s a snail’s pace snake of a queue in a bank. 863 more words

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