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Benedict Cumberbatch Says That He Gave Away 'Star Trek' Spoilers To Stephen Hawking

Would you trust Benedict Cumberbatch with your secrets? J.J. Abrams did and Cumberbatch felt compelled to blab about said secrets with a rather famous confidant. He confessed as such on… 232 more words

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Do You Have The Stomach To Hear Matt LeBlanc's Tale Involving Rachel's 'Friends' Meat Trifle?

Lovable sitcom lug Joey Tribbiani wasn’t all that discriminating of a diner on Friends, but Matt LeBlanc has his limits. Said limits include the sitcom culinary monstrosity that is Rachel Green’s meat trifle. 280 more words

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This morning Tina Turner was the guest of Graham Norton on the BBC2 radio. Promoting the newly opened TINA, The Musical, the Legend is joined by Tali Pelman and together they talk about their meeting and the creative process behind the musical. 52 more words

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Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa on The Graham Norton Show

Caught Dua Lipa performing her new single One Kiss with DJ Superstar Calvin Harris, and all I’ll say this this; Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris are a pair of musical geniuses quite simply waiting to happen and One Kiss is just fantastic. 72 more words

Mary Berry arrested at airport because she had 'flour and sugar in little plastic bags'

Mary Berry is a national treasure and the epitome of a classy domestic goddess.

But it turns out she’s actually harder than most of us. 426 more words


Dwayne Johnson gets rocked by fear of roller coasters we can relate to

He may look like a man mountain, but Dwayne Johnson has proven that he’s just like the rest of us by revealing one of his biggest fears. 327 more words