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Who are the Graham Norton Show guests tonight? Dame Judi Dench among a star-studded group

Graham Norton really does attract some top level guests onto his Friday night show and this week’s episode is no different with an array of Hollywood superstars on the red sofa. 292 more words


Jamie Foxx discusses his dating woes as he gets older: 'She looked at me as though 49 was a terminal disease!'

Actor and musician Jamie Foxx is hard at work promoting his new film baby Driver and appeared on Friday’s edition of The Graham Norton show. 656 more words


Graham Norton makes embarrassing denial: 'No I didn't have sex with my dog'

Graham Norton has made a strong denial – nothing has happened between him and his dog, they are just good friends.

The king of the red chair- where audience members from his shows sit and confess their own embarrassing stories – Graham has shared his own awkward story that is so bad he would be allowed to walk free if he aired it on his show. 387 more words


I think I've found a good book!

I think my book clubs despair of me because although I love reading, I don’t think I am any longer a good reader. When I was young, from being a small child I would read pretty much anything, in fact the only book I can remember not finishing was a Walter Scott novel – it may have been Rob Roy, or Ivanhoe but whichever it was, it was it was very thick and had tiny writing. 404 more words


Mark Wahlberg Recalls When He Took On His Daughter’s Boyfriend And Got Beat

Everyone knows that fathers are very protective over their daughters when it comes to dating. Mark Wahlberg has recalled where the protective father routine backfired on The Graham Norton Show: 40 more words


Reading Round-up (alfresco edition)

It’s been an odd week, the awfulness of the news occasionally escaped with big doses of nostalgia and, well,  escapism.

I’ve been redecorating, and just giving in and going with my previously-restrained urge to paint every room various shades of green or white and give up all ideas of variety. 602 more words


Ο Tom Holland θα μπορούσε με μεγάλη άνεση να φορέσει το τριχωτό κοστούμι του πρωταγωνιστή του 'Planet of the Apes', όταν κάποια στιγμή αποφασίσει να βγάλει την εφαρμοστή στολή του Spider-Man!

Ο Tom Holland κάνει αυτήν την περίοδο το μεγάλο “μπάμ” στην καριέρα του πρωταγωνιστώντας στο επερχόμενο Spider-Man: Homecoming’, αλλά ίσως όταν κάποτε τελειώσει με το ρόλο του Ανθρώπου-Αράχνη στις ταινίες του ριμπούτ του franchise της Marvel να μπορούσε να υποδυθεί τον γορίλα, καθώς κατά τη διάρκεια της εκπομπής του … 11 more words