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March 16, 1994 - Australian Environment Minister reminds everyone of some caveats

Australia made some big promises in the first years of the climate issue, but these were always tinged with an awareness that the USA was unlikely to allow diplomatic work towards emissions targets for rich countries to progress very quickly.   499 more words

Coal Mining

March 7,2012 - George Christensen wants Gina's money for defense of NQ Way of Life'

Bloody greenies. Probably getting money for their pagan attacks on our precious bodily fluids and sacrosanct way of life from foreigners. Moscow. Or Beijing. Or Cuba (subs, please check).   350 more words


March 3, 1990 - Report: "Energy efficiency could save carbon, and $6.5bn a year"

In June 1988 a conference in Toronto had flagged climate change as a Really Serious Thing and suggested that rich countries cut their emissions so poor countries could grow theirs a bit (but also argued everyone was going to have to change their ways) The ‘Toronto Target’ was for  a 20% reduction in rich countries emissions by 2005. 187 more words

Richardson, Rose, Fred and Graham

For Rose Richardson, see interview tape 79

For Graham Richardson, see interview tape 202

Rose’s only son was Fred Richardson, who was a wartime evacuee to Canada in 1940 when he was 13.
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Denley: Police chief is the mayor's guy – that explains part of the troubles

If you believe embattled police Chief Charles Bordeleau and Mayor Jim Watson, Bordeleau’s recent troubles are the fault of the police union, not the chief’s own weak judgment. 676 more words