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McQueary hinted at Sandusky news in 'mid-2000's', according to testimony in Whistleblower trial

BELLEFONTE, Pa. — Former Penn State player and assistant coach Mike McQueary may have hinted to group of equipment managers and football operations staffers what he witnessed from Jerry Sandusky, a few years following the incident. 487 more words


Former PSU President Spanier, McQueary's father testify in Penn State civil trial

BELLEFONTE, Pa. — Former Penn State president Graham Spanier made his first public court testimony Thursday about his accused role in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal, maintaining he had complete trust in his top administrators and knew very few details about Mike McQueary’s 2001 report about seeing Jerry Sandusky sexually abusing a boy in a Penn State facility shower. 1,030 more words


McQueary Trial: Penn State defamed him through Spanier statement, attorneys argue

BELLEFONTE, Pa. — Lawyers to former Penn State football player and assistant coach Mike McQueary argued Tuesday that the school crafted a narrative to defame him in the days leading up to and after the arrest of Jerry Sandusky in November 2011. 461 more words


Bruce Beemer dropped one charge for Tim Curley, but...

…..he is filing to Reinstate Conspiracy Charges formerly dropped by Disgraced Bruce Castor.

This is a lovely change of pace:

“But on a related issue, he did set out a 40-day schedule for legal briefs on a related request by the Attorney General’s office to reinstate a conspiracy charge against Spanier, Curley and Schultz.” 75 more words

'Penn State 3' admins argue to drop charges in Sandusky scandal

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Attorneys for the trio of former Penn State administrators charged for their role in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal returned to Dauphin County court on Thursday, hoping to dismiss the rest of the charges facing their clients. 414 more words


Potential jurors chosen for Penn State abuse scandal lawsuit

BELLEFONTE, Pa. (AP) — Nineteen people were selected as potential jurors Monday in a lawsuit by a former Penn State assistant football coach who says he witnessed onetime fellow coach Jerry Sandusky abuse a boy in the team shower more than 15 years ago. 397 more words

Presto NCAA

Judge: Freeh lost and won arguments in former Penn State University President Graham Spanier lawsuit

The Daily Collegian is reporting that former FBI Director Louis Freeh lost several of his arguments in a lawsuit brought against him by former Penn State University President Graham Spanier. 624 more words