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Grails' JSONObject.NULL More or Less Equal To Null

Since Groovy 1.8 we can check if a Map is equal to another Map if the keys and values are the same. Very convenient in tests for example. 384 more words


How to override default text selection color using CSS

Hi friends, few days ago i needed to change default text selection color in my project because by default text selection color is dependent on browser/OS and i was weird orange color on firefox browser on my Ubuntu machine. 158 more words


Sonar Setup for Java and Groovy

Hola Folks,

SonarQube, it’s an required tool when you’re going though a quality work and want to maintain it with your team as well.

Below are the steps that will guide through setting up a sonar in local machine. 447 more words


Grails commands

grails –version
gets current installed grails version

grails create-app helloworld
This will create a new directory inside the current one that contains the project.

What we want is a simple page that just prints the message “Hello World!” to the browser. 138 more words



I really can’t wait to get a pair of these, these are one of the best pairs of trainers I have ever seen in my life, the retail price is expensive but I’m willing to spend the money! 98 more words


Groovy posts in other places

Recently I’ve been writing about Groovy and Grails for my friends at Accelebrate. I do that because:

  1. They’re a great client
  2. They support what I do…
  3. 254 more words

Grails 3 Released: Installing Gradle and Groovy 2.4 Support in Eclipse/GGTS

Grails 3 has been released with a ton of new features.

If you’re used to adding a new Grails distribution in Eclipse or Groovy/Grails Tool Suite, you’ve might have experienced that your good old IDE might not support Grails 3 projects right out of the box. 435 more words