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Groovy posts in other places

Recently I’ve been writing about Groovy and Grails for my friends at Accelebrate. I do that because:

  1. They’re a great client
  2. They support what I do…
  3. 254 more words

Grails 3 Released: Installing Gradle and Groovy 2.4 Support in Eclipse/GGTS

Grails 3 has been released with a ton of new features.

If you’re used to adding a new Grails distribution in Eclipse or Groovy/Grails Tool Suite, you’ve might have experienced that your good old IDE might not support Grails 3 projects right out of the box. 435 more words


Uploading files and processing other form fields in Grails

When the controller gets a multipart/form-data request we can get the files using

request.fileNames.each { fileName ->
    MultipartFile file = request.getFile(fileName)

The request would be available to the controller and we can iterate through the fileNames and handle the file one at a time. 44 more words

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Grails 2.4.x Create RESTful Service

Create RESTful Service with Grails 2.4.x

With Grails 2.3 (I assume 2.4 the same) it is really easy to create restful service. This tutorial is pretty simple, I just want to access localhost/StateService/state and get a response in json format: 1,655 more words


Custom Authentication Success Handler with Grails and Spring Security

It’s Sunday and instead of devoting this day to our Lord I will dedicate it to the great Machine and its coding brethren. The jokes aside, this is a quick show up of how to establish custom Authentication Success Handler if you are working with Grails Framework + Spring Security Core Plugin. 484 more words


How to install nginx on Ubuntu

Hello just recently i thought about switching from apche to nginx because i heard lot about nginx that it delivers far better performance over apache. 227 more words


Grails Criteria Query with DataTables

Grails Criteria Query with DataTables

This tutorial is about how to integrate Grails criteria query with DataTables pagination, filtering and sorting.

Grails version: 2.4

DataTables version: 1.10… 279 more words