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Grails Design Consideration #2 - Throw In a View Model Once In a While

This is my take on how we could design our particular user interface in such a way that they’re re-usable, testable and the overall software is more maintainable. 2,857 more words


Grails Expert Tip #8 - There's a Bean for That

Recently I code reviewed some of the Grails (2.4.5) code of another team (of course :-)) and here’s a snippet I came across.

In some “search helper service”: 263 more words


Install Grails on Fedora 23


  • JDK must be installed in the system.
  • Note: Check the compatibility of JDK version with Grails version.
  • Note: Grails 2.3.x have issues with JDK8, so use JDK7 with it instead.
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Grails - Embedded Tomcat Access Logs

During development it can be handy to be able to see the access logs of the requests hitting your web container.

In Grails this can be a bit of issue as by default only a… 219 more words


Java/J2EE Software Engineer

My client is experiencing exciting company growth and is looking to hire exceptional SW Engineers to help them grow with their broad experience in the development of software products and web applications, with an emphasis on Enterprise Java. 322 more words

Here are the slides for the Web Application Development using Grails & Docker workshop recently given at Devoxx Belgium 2015.

Or view at SlideShare directly.


Simplest Image/File/Document Grails CRUD Using File System as a Storage

Goal of this Post:

My Goal in this port is to show the core core needed to store any type of files or documents in the File System as a storage. 1,089 more words