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What is Grails. Why should a Spring developer use it?

When I first heard about Grails, I thought Rails finally visit Java. I like Groovy, as it is quite easy for me to pick up and an framework based on it will be fun. 540 more words


GGTS: Clean up Grails 2.0 output

Have you ever had in Groovy/Grails Tool Suite (GGTS) that console output, by a running Grails application, which is exactly the same as the previous output, just isn’t displayed? 303 more words


Starting a video blog: Grails in the First8Friday series

I recently recorded the first Grails video in my company’s newest video-blog: the First8Friday-series.

A videoblog?

We already wrote “regular” blog articles, but sometimes you’ve got to try different things as a company, so why not a video blog — for now in Dutch only. 715 more words


Installing Groovy and Grails on Linux with gvm

## Requirements: Java jre installed. You can learn how to install java in:


## Download and install Groovy enVironment Manager

curl -s get.gvmtool.net | bash… 71 more words

Grails + Vaadin - extend Valo theme

Vaadin 7 comes with the new Valo theme.

Steps to create your own custom theme, e.g. mytheme,  based upon Valo:

Create a new folder… 40 more words


Grails + Vaadin - browser detection

There is a browser detection plugin for Grails that helps you detect browsers, versions, language and operating systems from the request headers. Link

compile ":browser-detection:2.2.0"
… 78 more words

What Grails(Groovy on Rails) did to my PC?

You might have seen Tesla S reaching 0-100 in 3.2 secs, but with Grails under the hood, my PC can go from 0-100 in few milliseconds. 220 more words