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Review: Grails - Chalice Hymnal

There is an urban myth that did the rounds about a few years ago. It concerns the editor of the incredibly well informed and, some would say, most on the ball fanzine to be found among  the cast aside chip papers and club flyers on the pavements of Devonshire Green. 561 more words


Beginning Groovy, Grails and Griffon

Web frameworks are playing a major role in the creation of today’s most compelling web applications, because they automate many of the tedious tasks, allowing developers to instead focus on providing users with creative and powerful features. 349 more words


The Dark Sonic Evolution of Grails

Grails is a band shrouded in mystery. That’s not because of some great promotional effort, but because the seldom-touring and geographically far-flung outfit changes their style as they please. 2,235 more words

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Grails 2: A Quick-Start Guide

Grails is a full-stack web development framework that enables you to build complete web applications in a fraction of the time and with less code than other frameworks. 254 more words


Playlist: 10 Tracks to Learn to Love...Grails

To celebrate their first album in 5 years (check out my review here) I’ve tried to condense Grails’ work into 10 a mere tracks. Tricky stuff, though Spotify have made it easier by not having  158 more words


Grails - Chalice Hymnal

Grails have been a favourite band of mine for a long while now. They were introduced to me as a post-rock/post-metal band sometime around a decade ago, around the time that  96 more words


Programming Grails: Best Practices for Experienced Grails Developers

Dig deeper into Grails architecture and discover how this application framework works its magic. Written by a core developer on the Grails team, this practical guide takes you behind the curtain to reveal the inner workings of its 2.0 feature set. 134 more words