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How to inject spring bean in grails spock test case

To inject spring bean into grails spock test, you can add ‘defineBeans’ in setup section of spec test case. for example you have defined a spring bean as below: 195 more words


Grails Grom how to map own id in database table

to use own id, need to configure mappings for id key word. you also can disable default version setting of grails to set ‘version false’. a full example as below… 42 more words


Grails SonarQube in a box

I’ve been working with a number of initiatives aimed for code quality in Grails projects. I’ve found some great plugins like CodeNarc, GMetrics, … but before we talk about them and how to run in Grails projects I would like go through on how to expose those quality metrics in a fancy dashboard. 278 more words


Grails Form Submission - Large number of Parameters

When submitting a large number of parameters in Grails, it can get quite messy validating each of them, and parsing them to the desired type. I came across the following Grails feature that can make this situation much more structured. 66 more words


Grails 2.1.3: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.xerces.dom.ElementImpl

The long-running love affair between grails, groovy, and default XML settings in the JVM continues.

Sometimes for whatever cosmic reason you get the following error in your application, and this just stop working: 847 more words


Dependency Hell with spring-security-core

Sometimes the joyful experience of developing in grails is enhanced by periods of loneliness buried in dependency hell, or something similar.

I was setting up my new application, (grails 2.5.1 now) with the spring-security-rest (1.4.0) plugin to expose REST services. 212 more words


Parsing and binding date formats in Grails.

We recently decided to rewrite some parts of our software as web applications.

The reason we made that decision is something I hope to write about soon. 98 more words