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Know whether the image being posted is horizontal or vertical

Suppose you have a CommonsMultipartFile object  and you want to know whether image posted is vertical or horizontal (example in case of cover photo like facebook’s, you might want user to post only horizontal snap) , then it can be done in the following way… 23 more words


Grails JSR 311 Plugin vs Spring Security Core Plugin

In Grails plugins are king and can save you a whole deal of time and effort. Unfortunately often they are not written by the core developers and can at times introduce a few gotcha’s when combined with other plugins. 342 more words


Grails Hibernate EhCache Issue

While working on a side project I ran into an issue when running any of the dbm-* migration plugin scripts.

This was working up until I installed the spring security core plugin. 244 more words


Upcoming Events, and "The Streak"

I’m really not a workaholic. I prefer days off as much as anybody. The problem is that there are all these things I want to do, so I volunteer to do them, and suddenly I’m overbooked so much I don’t have time for a break. 1,340 more words


Best way to detect a mobile device in jquery

Hi fellas, just few days ago i needed to turn off some functionalities if user comes from a mobile/tablet device so i needed a best and concise way to do this. 117 more words

Grails' JSONObject.NULL More or Less Equal To Null

Since Groovy 1.8 we can check if a Map is equal to another Map if the keys and values are the same. Very convenient in tests for example. 384 more words


How to override default text selection color using CSS

Hi friends, few days ago i needed to change default text selection color in my project because by default text selection color is dependent on browser/OS and i was weird orange color on firefox browser on my Ubuntu machine. 158 more words