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Grails Plugin: Grails CSV Plugin

Using it is extremely simple. On any instance of the four data types, call the ‘eachCsvLine’ method with a closure accepting the tokens (a String array) for each parsed line: 45 more words


Welcome to the Grails Coding Tutorial.

Whether you are an experienced programmer or not, this blog is indeed  for everyone who wishes to learn the Groovy Grails programming.

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Spock Testing - advanced example

This post is part of a series of 4 and is intended as a more complex example of Spock testing. There is quite a bit of subtlety in the code below, for example the use of Mock services versus the use of real services, ordering tests in a specific sequence and dealing with files and images. 1,084 more words


Canada Post Shipping Service: Could not generate DH Keypair SSL Exception

Recently, while working on one of my project where Canada Post shipping API was integrated I came across a problem – Could not generate DH keypair SSL Exception. 415 more words


Spock Testing - basic example

The scenario here is that we have a service, called imageService, that allows us to upload and save images to our site. We want to test that the image is persisted successfully. 392 more words


Grails Exceptions

Grails is a excellent framework offering very high productivity. The usage of Groovy as the programming language makes Grails a very productive framework.

Grails is notorious for raising a lot of exceptions and some times it is really hard to figure out what really caused the exceptions. 91 more words

debug grails

=== print log in debug mode ===

f.properties.each{k,v-> println “===${k}:${v}\n”}

use ggts

  • select grails version
    • windows -> preference -> search grails -> add
  • special for grails 3.0.x …
  • 137 more words