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Simplest Image/File/Document Grails CRUD Using File System as a Storage

Goal of this Post:

My Goal in this port is to show the core core needed to store any type of files or documents in the File System as a storage. 1,089 more words


BFTP: CONID Bulkfiller Regular

I got a photo request from someone on FP Australia Facebook Group who is seriously considering to get one of these. This is the CONID Bulkfiller… 74 more words

Fountain Pens

My personal CRUD Story - or how i came to CUBA Platform

UPDATE: I moved my blog to: www.road-to-cuba-and-beyond.com. You’ll find the article here

In this blog post i’d like to lay out how i came to the CUBA platform and what the benefits of this tool are. 2,009 more words


Eclipse Mars: Grails 3.1 with Gradle, Groovy and GSP Support

What if you want to develop Grails 3 projects with Eclipse Mars (4.5) as easy as you did with Groovy/Grails Tool Suite or previous Eclipse versions? 1,200 more words


Decomposing the Model, or My First Domain

As I promised yesterday, here is the post I planned to make then.

Today we’re going to start with model design and decomposition. Specifically, we’ll look at the process to analyze and break down the model into the necessary properties that can be mapped into model properties. 447 more words


Getting the Application Started

I have to apologize for not posting before now this week. Real life has interfered with my plans. I was forced to give my notice with CSC this week. 187 more words