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Creamy Veggie & Hemp Curry

With loads of veggies, beans, and hemp seeds, this vegan curry is a meal unto itself!  It has all the fiber, protein, and healthy fats to satisfy and sustain you, plus it’s vitamin and mineral-rich to help keep you feeling your best.   289 more words


Grain-Free Early Summer Quiche With Basil And Wild Garlic

Mirin has been reading a lot of survival books to himself lately – Hatchet, My Side of the Mountain, and Julie Of the Wolve… 424 more words

Recipes From My Kitchen

Grain Free BBQ Chicken Pizza & Smokey Barbecue Sauce (Paleo)

Happy Friday! Did this week go by slow or what? I think it did, maybe it’s because I’m so excited for the weekend. We’re headed out to Boston Calling Music Festival today to see 3 days of music with some of our best friends – I’m so excited! 424 more words


Chicken Wraps

Weeknights mean little time for the kitchen. With 2 kids and activities and home work, I have my hands full and sometimes we make it home almost at dinner time. 149 more words

Spicy Chipotle & Aduki Bean Chili

The cool thing about this vegan chili recipe is that unlike traditional chilis, it’s made without tomatoes (which make me feel acidic).  It’s super healthy, comes together quickly and can easily be doubled or tripled to feed a crowd.   245 more words


Chickpea flour Banana/Plantain Muffins with Ginger

Muffins are a great go to snack for the kids. They also pair well when I do a yogurt parfait. They are sweet enough to act as a dessert and can be made extra indulgent if you cut them in half and add a small scoop of ice cream. 421 more words


Why you Should Incorporate Salmon into your Diet. PLUS: Pan-Seared Ginger Salmon Recipe.

I am obsessed with salmon recently and I came up with this recipe to satisfy my cravings one night and am super proud of how it turned out.   650 more words