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Back to Basics

At the prime old of age of 22 it did come as a shock to find out that my cholesterol levels are booming off the richter scale. 1,096 more words


Banana Flour Crumble

I would post a photo, but I ate it before I took one. Seriously, I was ravenous, which isn’t at all like me. I think the bug drained me more than I knew. 767 more words

Gluten Free

Bad Week...

I haven’t had much to say lately, mostly because I’m sick of sounding like all I am is miserable and whiny. I’m not, I swear. This week hasn’t been great though and Monday was a really bad day. 719 more words

The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan by David Perlmutter

Oh my goodness, people, you have GOT to read this book.

I know, I know.  You don’t want to start thinking about a new diet for 2017 just now.  776 more words


Banana Flour Peanut Butter Pumpkin Bread

The batter is thicker.

This might be a bit muddled as I’m still not feeling all that well. This recipe is basically this one redone. I’m just using up my banana flour, it’s edible. 593 more words

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Poultry Seasoning

I might often be facetious, dear reader, but in this I am in earnest. I’m not big on holidays, I just let them go past and try to avoid getting aggravated by them. 767 more words

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