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Primeval Light - Urlicht - Covenant I:I:2

“Urlicht” (primeval light) is the second of the four poems that comprise “Dispossession,” the sequence that opens part one of Covenant, “The Covenant of Mortal Dreams.” The theme of the poem is the love of a city. 283 more words

Hendrik Slegtenhorst

Journal Archive: Popular Music in Poetry

I recently received a check from the Canadian magazine Grain, for my poem “My Back as Keystone,” before I received a copy of the issue where it ran. 414 more words


About Aboutness

One of my instructors in Professional Writing, Sophie Lees, taught me and the rest of her class the difference between what a story is “about” and what it’s “aboutness” is. 810 more words


Time to Flex Your Writing Brawn

Writers start writing clandestinely on scraps of paper, in tattered journals and in front of computer screens with daunting cursors daring you to come up with something to say. 438 more words


blockflöte clarabel

Lost 15: the blockflöte clarabel crust

everything i know she said putting the yogurt back in the fridge half-eaten my mom or my granny vox humana taught me in a moving morgue equipped with foresight, a crust of different thicknesses over the ooze, a vehicle; she was packing the touch of a moth. 836 more words


From the shadow, yellow wall

of a tree steals

boy and ball

He was there a week, and

centuries ago

says Grandam (who should know) 49 more words

Writing contest deadlines 4 weeks away

The Niagara Branch of the Canadian Authors Association is holding its 11th short story contest and it’s open to all Ontario residents. Stories can be of any genre but must be previously unpublished, and between 1,000 and 3,000 words. 205 more words

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