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AICC - v - Sea Dynasty Ltd: Arbitration Final Award in favor of AICC

We generally do not make public such matters but we are making an exception for this arbitration case for the following main reasons:

1. Claimants/Sellers have apparently spread false rumors well before the Arbitrator’s final decision that AICC were not honoring their obligations. 87 more words


Egypt: Wheat Jitters Grow Over Import Delays & Ergot saga ...The story so far !!

With our thank to Ed Ballard of the ”Wall Street Journal”:

the article in PDF format:



Egypt Wheat: To Ergot or not to Ergot ? That is the question !!

With all the current fuss in Egypt about whether to accept any level of Ergot or not in their wheat imports, a reminder of what is ‘Ergot’ exacly ? 21 more words


Coconut amaranth porridge (vegan & gluten-free)

It’s still cold and grey here in Paris and there’s nothing better than a comforting bowl of porridge to warm up and make you nourished from the get go. 125 more words


Italian Ricotta Polenta

This amazingly creamy polenta is technically a side dish but so good, you might be tempted to have it as an entree.

Serves 6


Algeria's Group GGI Filaha: Nous sommes tournés vers l’agriculture hyper-intensive

Issu d’une famille d’agriculteurs, M. Sahraoui est à la tête d’un groupe leader dans l’amont agricole en Algérie avec un total de 17 800 hectares répartis dans les wilayas de Mascara, Saïda, Oran et Adrar. 1,427 more words


8 grain swaps that help support optimal health

  1. Swap brown rice for barley
  2. Swap pasta for wholemeal pasta
  3. Swap basmati rice for quinoa 
  4. Swap wholemeal bread for mixed grain bread
  5. Swap sourdough bread…
  6. 160 more words