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Radiogram on the roadside

Some of you who are older, may remember the radiogram. A cabinet housing a radio and gramophone. In the fifties and sixties, this was to be found only in the really upper upper income households. 96 more words


Evolution of Music

I have submitted my first design to threadless. Feel free to follow the link and rate my design.


Lets watch TV

A bit of history. An old house. In the corner, an old telly and above it the original builder of the house and his t.v. ( nnd gramophone)  The tv didn’t work I don’t think but the phone rang out when the landline was rung. 34 more words


Braun PT1 Gramaphone

by Dieter Rams

The Braun TP1 is a radio and gramophone, both housed in the same casing but completely independent from each other. The TP1 can play 7 inch wide ‘singles’ at 45 rpm. 64 more words


Nostalgic Moments

In the midst of multi-media, time stood still in a small communial church cafe.   An old gramaphone played   LP vynal records from way back.   It was such a novelty, and nostalgic moment.   8 more words