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Gramaphone delivery van magic lantern slide

Do you remember ’78’ records?

For those who don’t, the progress of recorded sound goes ….. wax cylinders, 78s (78 revolutions per minute), 45s and LPs, tape cassettes, CDs, digital downloads. 124 more words


Faces of Galway 6/100

Meet Pierre from Marseille.

Pierre is a French national who worked in NUIG last year as an assistant in the French department. He enjoyed the Galway International Arts Festival so much he returned to Galway this summer solely to volunteer. 67 more words


Belfast Gramaphone Sleeves

Back in the days of Gramaphones, vinyl records would not of had custom slip covers. Rather the sellers would use their own branded designs that would advertise their shop and other wares. 87 more words

Northern Ireland

Radiogram on the roadside

Some of you who are older, may remember the radiogram. A cabinet housing a radio and gramophone. In the fifties and sixties, this was to be found only in the really upper upper income households. 96 more words