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FOWC with Fandango — Homework

Hated homework when I was at school as it was always boring! The times I had subjects of interest I went to town and wrote pages, then got accused of waffling (OK, I do  :D  ). 129 more words


How We Spent the Seniors’ Last Week at School

Last week was our chance to say goodbye to the class of 2019. In the coming days I’ll be publishing the words our Valedictorian and Salutatorian spoke at graduation (they did beautifully), but in the meantime I thought you’d like to see how we celebrated these extraordinary students in their final days at Founders. 439 more words

Upper School

2nd Grade Recites the Declaration of Independence at Recess

Something amazing happened today. I’ve been locked in my office in meetings all week, and this afternoon I had 20 minutes free, so I wandered out to the playground with my camera to enjoy the sunlight and talk to our grammar school students. 173 more words

Classical Pedagogy

2019 Grammar School Plays

Each year the HLS Grammar School students enjoy performing their spring plays: “The Banquet of the Gods” by 3rd grade, “Famous Men of Rome” by 4th grade, and “Robin Hood and His Merry People” by 5th grade. 31 more words


I went to a grammar school and I’m completely against them

From the age of thirteen, I attended a grammar school.

I’m from Kent, a county with grammar schools in every town, so this isn’t unusual. However I find as an adult, revealing you went to a ‘selective’ school often provokes a reaction of curiosity, confusion and even open disapproval. 901 more words



The reality of a reality based resolver is Jerusalem orientated. With passports and embassies it isn’t far fetched to accuse the British Police of supporting food for nothing Priests. 259 more words