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Music Teacher

My music teacher was terrifying. Terrifyingly awful. Just awful. Was she a joke? She was a joke! But she wasn’t funny, not really.

I’m reaching for my first memory of her. 190 more words

Mental Health

OK. Is this any better? Biography #2

Bugger me, I’m not just getting it from Radgie, but from my friends as well! Look at what Helen wrote on my last blog entry. “You are giving us… 847 more words

Book Review: One of my teachers speaks out!


by Graeme Scarratt

A teacher in the north of England recounts the amusing but miserable hell of trying to educate council estate chavs and scallies. 337 more words


Me, my life: a biography

Those who follow this blog will know that I have been told by my pain of an alter ego that there’s nothing of me in it, that I hide behind my love of literature and that I’m afraid of saying anything personal. 1,009 more words

Prompt: When I Knew It Was Over

This prompt originates from this list.

Write about when you knew it was over.

It was fourth grade and I was friends with a girl named Beatrice. 947 more words


School Days

Sunday already, a week has gone by since I last posted and now it’s all a bit of a blur, probably because I have one had cold after another and my brain is befugged. 1,116 more words


Starting Year 10

‘Back to School’, the phrase that most kids despise. If you’re from the UK we start school at the beginning of September which means it’s quickly approaching. 693 more words

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