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The Growth Mindset : Telling Penguins to Flap Harder ?

I’m not sure whether this particular blog might lose me friends. It’s not intended to, but I’m going to stumble into an area where I know some people have very strong views. 4,925 more words

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 We should be rather cautious about adopting the “Growth Mindset” approach as some sort of universal principle. 

Warning to parents prior to N. Ireland Assembly Election

The DUP’s Educational Incoherence

At the same time as the DUP has committed itself to a “No Child Left Behind” policy, Peter Weir (Chair of the Education Committee) suggested that the Party might return the Transfer Test to CCEA control.  107 more words

Grammar Schools

Grammatically Incorrect

I don’t often agree with Michael Wilshaw in fact I often make a point of it. However even a stopped clock yada yada, Michael Wilshaw said something so… 841 more words


First Minister Arlene Foster must make an education choice

The Parental Alliance for Choice in Education welcomes Arlene Foster’s recent statement on education if it is a vow of commitment to her educational vision and not simply a sound bite. 531 more words

Grammar Schools

Educational Apartheid in Lincolnshire: selective education as a catalyst for driving inequalities

Sadly, comprehensive schools of the 1950s and 1960s never reached South Lincolnshire. I went to a “red brick” secondary modern school in Louth while my better-off counterparts attended the local grammar school, the history and traditions of which go back to at least 1548, supported by the Church and local guilds. 1,395 more words

Grammar Schools

A family’s experience of selective education: the divisions and unrealistic expectations placed upon us

A father and daughter have written this piece for us about their experience of life in a selective local authority.

I don’t want to denigrate my teachers in any way, but on a social and emotional level the stress of the selective school system in my area perpetuated unreasonable expectations on young people to fit into stereotypes associated with the “natural orders” within our community. 1,013 more words

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