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English Education Policy, Intelligence and Nature vs. Nurture

According to Professor Danny Dorling, English education policy is based on the ‘nasty little theory that not all children have it in them to think like a few are able to think.’ (Dorling, 2013: online). 3,487 more words


Old School Days - and what a night!

If you went to a grammar school between the late 1950’s and early 70’s, the following speech may ring some bells: I had the privilege of delivering it at an amazing event on September 9th, and reproduce it here in the hope of entertaining members of the Final Forms 1A, 1B and 1C at Clee Girls’ Grammar who were unable to make it – as well as anyone else lucky enough to have fond memories of this sort of good old-fashioned education. 2,013 more words

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St Olaves Grammar School - A selection too far

Last week St Olaves, a Grammar School in Kent, hit the headlines for taking the selection process a bit too far. Sixteen of their sixth formers were asked to leave because they hadn’t achieved high enough grades in their AS-level exams to guarantee that they would achieve As and Bs in their final A-level exams a whole year later. 835 more words

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Why Dweck’s “Mindsets” concept should have no place in schools: large-scale evidence from UK public examinations

Psychologist Carol Dweck invoked her research on children’s beliefs to explain the attainment gap between boys and girls.  A number of small scale studies have been published which divide pupils into two broad categories according to their beliefs: (i) “incremental theorists” who… 760 more words

Grammar Schools

Why Grammar Schools are the Worst Thing Ever

As you may know, Theresa May loves Grammar schools and wants to introduce more as part of her 2017 manifesto pledge. I myself go to a Grammar School and live in a constituency where the 11+ is a huge make or break in a young person’s life (or it is perceived to be that way). 996 more words


On grammar schools

Few issues raise as much heated debated within education circles in the UK as does the topic of grammar school expansion. Those in favour argue that grammar schools help academically bright children from disadvantaged backgrounds obtain a better form of education than they would otherwise receive in a comprehensive. 487 more words

#The History Boys - grammar school baloney

I am a late arrival at the platform containing one of the most hyped plays of modern times. Alan Bennett, lugubrious Yorkie, has been feted like some kind of colossus of literature for this tale of 80s grammar school sixth-formers aspiring to the silver spires of Oxford or Cambridge.   234 more words