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Should we give grammar schools another try?

There is waste happening all around us – waste of food, waste of money, waste of resources. There is however a deeply saddening waste which is happening under all of our noses. 1,130 more words

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16th July 1943. The New Jerusalem in Education.

The 1902 Balfour Education Act abolished School Boards which were replaced by Local Educational Authorities ( LEAs) and given power to provide Secondary Education.

Many new Grammar Schools arose which aped the Public Schools in their ethos. 501 more words



The general prohibition against academic selection in state schools prevents the establishment of any new Grammar schools. However, existing Grammar schools can expand, providing that any expansion onto a new site is a change to an existing school and not a new school. 814 more words

Secondary Schools

Could you pass the 11-Plus?


In 1964 there were 1,298 state funded Grammar Schools with 25% of secondary school pupils attending them.  Last year there were 163 grammar schools with only 5.1% of pupils.   13 more words


Why I am so idle

Why I am so idle

I was very impressed by Henry Goodman’s interview on “Front Row” this week. He talks about his fond memories of the Swan Theatre in Stratford, and his preparations for his next performance there, as Johnson’s Volpone.: 473 more words


I know 'cos I was there: what grammar school lobbyists are really on about

I was wondering the other day why I associate bull-headed opposition to the serious study of popular culture in two different social groups and for two different reasons – specifically the twin reactionary beliefs which need each other for either to survive, both “we’re beneath it” and “it’s above us” – more with south-east England than anywhere else, and specifically with the county in which I grew up. 1,307 more words

The anti-science and anti-heterosexuality surges of England

Keith Hudson

The rise of the private (boys only) boarding schools of England in the 19th century and their close relationship with Oxford and Cambridge universities was responsible for two huge, influential social effects in this country.  1,389 more words