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A fudge with no teeth

Today’s political announcements about the shape of new school places in England might mark a turning point. Conversely, it might just be a neat solution to two problems that needed a resolution. 587 more words


The Myth of the Grammar School...

The claimed benefits are shown to be down to social factors and cherry-picking, says Professor Stephen Gorard, of Durham’s School of Education:

Grammar schools do not have better pupil attainment than other state schools and should be closed for the negative impact they have on social mobility, a new study has concluded.

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Privilege and Oxbridge

This may not be a well written blog because I’m trying to write it quickly and I’m trying to put over an idea that I think is quite simple but others find more complicated. 1,308 more words


The ‘left behind’ need hope not hollow words

Yesterday, on Easter Sunday, UK Prime Minster Theresa May gave her Easter message, describing the inspiration she took from her faith and the praising ‘the triumph of the human spirit’ in overcoming serious adversity such as that presented by the Grenfell Tower fire. 1,183 more words

Grammar schools do not overcome disadvantage

New research has further undermined the Government’s case for expanding grammar schools. Stephen Gorard and Nadia Siddiqui (Durham University) have taken a closer look at the Department for Education’s data, revealing some neglected factors. 395 more words

Social Justice

Time for an honest debate about grammar schools

This blog piece was originally published on The Conversation (link) (July, 2016)

With Theresa May as the new prime minister at the helm of the Conservatives, speculation is already mounting about whether her  911 more words


Gearing up for offer day …

When the Hogwarts owl failed to arrive we knew we’d have to fill in the dreaded secondary school application form…

That was back at Halloween. Now, as the big announcement on 1 March gets closer, I’m feeling a bit nervous. 873 more words