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#The History Boys - grammar school baloney

I am a late arrival at the platform containing one of the most hyped plays of modern times. Alan Bennett, lugubrious Yorkie, has been feted like some kind of colossus of literature for this tale of 80s grammar school sixth-formers aspiring to the silver spires of Oxford or Cambridge.   234 more words


Summer 2017 Tours Have Begun!

At 11:30 each Saturday in July and August, an impromptu school is called into session. Seated on a large red rug between the Unitarian Church at Zero Church St. 163 more words

Why the Belfast Telegraph and the Irish News must correct their claim that St Dominic’s High School is Northern Ireland’s top grammar school.

In May 2016 the Belfast Telegraph published a league table of Northern Ireland grammar schools, based on the Advanced Level grades achieved by grammar school pupils in the school year 2014/2015.  547 more words

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New grammar schools plan shelved

Justine Greening has confirmed grammar schools proposed by the Tories in 2016 and included in their manifesto have been abandoned. Angela Rayner (Labour) tweeted the announcement was “sneaked out” in a written statement. 72 more words

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Unpopular manifesto plans for grammar school expansions and the scrapping of free lunches abandoned

A new wave of grammar schools which was planned in the Conservative manifesto did not feature in the Queen’s speech, alongside the controversial plan to scrap free school lunches. 47 more words

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Jeremy Corbyn dismisses Queen's speech as "threadbare"

The leader of the Labour party says the government has “apparently run out of ideas all together”, and highlighted manifesto pledges which were absent from the Queen’s speech, such as grammar schools and winter fuel payment cuts. 98 more words

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The government probably won’t do much about education

Such is the position the government finds itself in that education was relegated to little more than a paragraph in today’s Queen’s Speech. As might be expected, the government, through Her Majesty, said; 523 more words