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An opinion on: UK Education system

The UK’s education system is one full of inequality, hierarchy and holes in the system. I believe that the way that this nation runs its schools is in need of some serious reforms. 729 more words


Entrance exams and how to crack them!

Entrance exams and secondary transition seem to be the daunting words floating around school this Autumn term. Parents are desperate for confirmation that their children will have a place in a good secondary school, come this time next year. 1,009 more words

11-plus: Frequently asked questions

When does the 11-plus take place in Warwickshire?
The test is usually the second weekend of September for children who are in Year 6.

When do I get the results? 248 more words


Is tutoring too cheap?

The national recommended rate for one-to-one tuition is £30 per hour. This is what I charge to everybody. But is this too cheap?

A few quick searches on the internet reveal the following average figures for what other professionals charge for their services… 141 more words


English Education Policy, Intelligence and Nature vs. Nurture

According to Professor Danny Dorling, English education policy is based on the ‘nasty little theory that not all children have it in them to think like a few are able to think.’ (Dorling, 2013: online). 3,487 more words


Old School Days - and what a night!

If you went to a grammar school between the late 1950’s and early 70’s, the following speech may ring some bells: I had the privilege of delivering it at an amazing event on September 9th, and reproduce it here in the hope of entertaining members of the Final Forms 1A, 1B and 1C at Clee Girls’ Grammar who were unable to make it – as well as anyone else lucky enough to have fond memories of this sort of good old-fashioned education. 2,013 more words

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