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The anti-science and anti-heterosexuality surges of England

Keith Hudson

The rise of the private (boys only) boarding schools of England in the 19th century and their close relationship with Oxford and Cambridge universities was responsible for two huge, influential social effects in this country.  1,389 more words

Pre election polls and Pisa - why neither measure in the way claimed

 Why exit polling gets it right and pre-election polling doesn’t


Dr Hugh Morrison (drhmorrison@gmail.com)


An explanation for the conflicting messages from polling


I have been a critic of PISA league tables for many years.  1,805 more words

Grammar Schools

Literacy and numeracy not necessary -- just yet!

Keith Hudson

Literacy today, at least in the UK, is probably no better than 130 years ago when government took over the education of children’s schools from the charity schools, mainly those of the Church of England, and the new monitor schools started by parents . 1,559 more words

Perhaps it was an illusion…

A child of the fifties, born in mid-forty-nine
We hoped for a future where all would be fine.
But many like me became angry young men… 428 more words


4 interesting things about UKIP’s education policies

This blog is part of a series looking at the education policies of the main parties in the UK in the lead up to the election in May. 677 more words

The selection debate

The launch of ‘The Ins and Outs of Selective Secondary Schools’ a collection of essays on selection published by Civitas was an opportunity for advocates and opponents of selection to revisit familiar arguments. 628 more words


Einstein - Everyone's a genius.

Einstein quote:

Everyone’s a genius.

But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb trees it will spend its whole life thinking it is stupid.