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Selection Problems

A couple of weeks ago, Theresa May’s new Conservative government took us back to 1997. Fear not: we’ve not returned to the days before the Human Rights Act 1998, but the grammar school is back. 961 more words


Why Theresa May is grammatically correct.

It emerged recently that Theresa May’s government has decided to lift the ban, imposed by Blair’s Labour in 1998, on grammar schools. It is further understood the first of these will be built in economically challenged areas. 903 more words

Jonathan Porter: Grammars and the grain of truth

Jonathan Porter is the Head of Humanities at Michaela Community School. He tweets at @JHC_Porter

One of the many things that I learn as I get older is that there is often a grain of truth in any strongly held opinion, even if, ultimately, I think it’s the wrong one. 995 more words

Conservative Teachers

Rob Leitch: 5 prerequisites for new grammar schools

Rob Leitch is Head of History at a secondary school in Kent and a Conservative Cllr for Sidcup. He tweets at @Rob_Leitch

Grammar Schools. Two words which provoke great passion, debate and even emotion throughout the world of education, and beyond. 837 more words

Conservative Teachers

Why Grammar Schools Will Revitalise Equality of Opportunity

Theresa May and Education Secretary Justine Greening have indicated the return of Grammar Schools to the mainstream of British education. While many commentators have reacted with hostility – sometimes going so far as to argue that Grammar Schools entrench elitism – the reintroduction of such a system will both revitalise that old liberal value of equality of opportunity and continue the Cameron government’s push to expand the opportunities available to young people, with regards finding the type and style of education that best suits them. 499 more words

The Backbencher

Social Mobility? If Theresa May Cared She’d Fight For Our Comprehensives

John Prescott initially opposed Tony Blair’s 2006 education reforms as he believed academies would become grammars schools under a different badge.  Theresa May might be about to prove the former Deputy PM right. 698 more words

UK Politics

Why the UK Department for Education is wrong on promoting OECD Pisa


Why PISA ranks are founded on a methodological thought disorder


Dr Hugh Morrison

(The Queen’s University of Belfast )



When psychometricians claimed to be able to measure, they used the term ‘measurement’ not just for political reasons but also for commercial ones. 3,924 more words

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