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Peter Tymms misunderstands the nature of measurement in psychology and education

Why Peter Tymms’ grasp of the fundamentals of measurement in psychology/education disqualifies him from any role in determining the future of transfer testing in Northern Ireland. 10,849 more words

Grammar Schools

A wrong answer to a valid question

It was the afternoon of Monday, 13th June, 1955. I sat on a suitcase on the quayside at Princes Pier, Port Melbourne, as, with my family and other immigrants from the UK, I waited for a bus to take us to the Exhibition Buildings near the centre of Melbourne, there to be processed before moving on to a migrant hostel. 1,064 more words

A tale of Two Counties

My attention has been drawn to a publication called: A Tale of Two Counties: Reflections on Secondary Education 50 Years after Circular 10/65. Written by Nuala Burgess from Kings College London for the group Comprehensive Future and published on the 25 January 2017 it is downloadable free from… 464 more words


Is Growth Mindset the new Brain Gym?

Earlier this month, an article on the Guardian website told us the following:

Schools and teachers across the world have embraced Carol Dweck’s theory of…

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The Parental Alliance for Choice in Education blogged about the flaw in Carol Dweck and Jo Boaler's research on December 13th, 2016 https://wp.me/pateI-K5. Dweck and Boaler were forwarded the critique and invited to respond. No replies have been received. Carol Dweck is obviously feeling the heat as evidenced here http://mindsetscholarsnetwork.org/growth-mindset-firm-foundation-still-building-house/ It seems to have escaped the attention of the author of Scenes from the Battleground.

Progress 8 - another attack on working-class schools

Progress 8 was supposed to be fair. It has become just another way of hammering schools with the most disadvantaged students.

Its designers clearly took care to avoid some of the problems with counting 5 A*-Cs, which often led to a concentration on C-to-D borderline students. 704 more words

Accountability Pressures

Grammar lessons

Last year the government set out proposals to expand the number of grammar schools across England representing a significant shift in the education system. Such a change means costs and benefits, and there would be winners and losers writes… 1,246 more words


More south coast woes?

What is it about the south coast of England that seems to affect the learning of a disproportionate percentage of children? Today’s data from the DfE on coasting schools at Key Stage 2 contains a higher than expected number of south coast local authorities with a high than the national average percentage of their schools seen as coasting.   451 more words