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Friday Follies #119 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Welcome back, Friday Follies Followers! The Grammar Cop has come across several miscreants (“n., people who behave badly, often by breaking rules of conduct or the law”) over the last while. 319 more words


Three unrelated thoughts

Much of my spare time this week has been spent proof-reading (or “copy-editing,” as they say in The Biz) my book about the parables Jesus told. 686 more words

Using Quantifiers in Adjective Clauses

Moving forward in my series on adjective clauses, I’ve just presented patterns using quantifiers. (Click for the latest lesson.) Are your students ready to write these kinds of adjective clauses? 87 more words


The Write Word? Post 3

Sometimes struggle to find the ‘right’ word for your writing? I do. Maybe, in helping myself, I can help other writers.

I posted pieces titled ‘Looking for the Best Word?’ until the end of 2017, when I reached post 70. 518 more words

Creative Writer

Places, Times, and Other Optional Conventions

A while ago I tweeted this tweet:

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Notice anything?

“Here’s hoping the Christmas tree finally absorbs me” is a complete clause and so is “I am caught in an endless loop of festive spirit and pine smell forever”. 534 more words

RW4CB: Final Exam Writing Portion

We took the writing portion of our final exam today. You had the hour and the hour only to write a rhetorical analysis essay based on the article given to you. 79 more words

Reading And Writing For The College Bound

"A glass on her head"

I wish I could draw, but I can’t. Sometimes I draw very simple stick figures and sometimes those leave my students even more confused than before. 181 more words