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A cloud inversion in the Grand Canyon

On rare days, cold air is trapped in the Grand Canyon under a layer of warm air which, in combination with moisture and condensation, create what’s called a full cloud inversion, which resembles something in between ocean waves and fast-moving clouds.   10 more words


A Weekend In Las Vegas

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Hotel: Cosmopolitan Hotel

Las Vegas. Party Capital of the World! Ok, so for those who know us, we are not a total party people; however, with good company we do not mind sitting at a lounge and having a drink or two.   1,287 more words

Around The World


Dating apps can be a real bitch sometimes. You match with someone and then they don’t respond to your message. You match with a guy and he says he’s only in town for that day and you’ve already got plans. 2,200 more words


A close brush with death... to facing my demons

15 years ago, I did a 3 month road trip across the US. It was fun, it was warm, I saw a few states – Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California, and then did the same route back across the country to get some warmth in Florida as it was cold in California! 888 more words


Blunder Bus

On my second full day (June 4) at the Grand Canyon I decided to do a bit of sightseeing. While I’ve tended to go there for the hiking, that has meant that it’s been easy for me to miss many of the other fascination things that go on there. 2,549 more words


Underrated Side of the Grand Canyon

Visiting Grand Canyon National Park’s quieter North Rim offers several advantages. With only a tenth of the park’s 5 million annual visitors there are thinner crowds, plus temperatures that average 10-degrees cooler due to the North Rim being 1,000-feet higher than the South Rim (because of snowpack, the North Rim is only open from May to October). 897 more words


Less Than a Month to Go, or Ready or Not (Here I Come)

In less than one month, I’ll start my trek into the Grand Canyon and, hopefully, climb out on the other side as a member of the… 653 more words