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A Day in the City

We had planned to go to Bear Mountain for Kai’s first birthday, unfortunately the weather did not permit us to hike, and postpone any adventure for another weekend.   348 more words


Crowd Study

A quiet observation of foot traffic and crowd navigation. Perhaps we’re a bunch of cells operating within a system, with jobs to fulfill, humans to save, messages to deliver, people to marry. 83 more words


Charlotte watched "Before We Go"

On a mild night, Brooke (Alice Eve) finds herself stranded in New York City’s Grand Central Station at closing time. Her Prada purse has been stolen, her phone is broken and she has just missed the last train home to Boston. 445 more words


Danish Dogs

I saw a list today that named Denmark the happiest country in the world. I think it is no coincidence that the happiest country in the world also happens to serve the most hot dogs per capita of any country in the world. 581 more words

Hot Dog

Grand Central Station 1985 "BU" (Before Uber)

I’d ask them why they were all waiting in line when there were fares on every corner, and I found out that they were all hoping Ward Cleaver had missed the 4:43 to Scarsdale, and they would be able to drive him home, and make thirty dollars…

©Matt Weber

(Street Photography)

Grand Central, New York 

Beautiful chandeliers at Grand Central, New York. This picture was taken with iPhone 6.