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Grand Central Station

I don’t remember exactly when but one day let’s say 2 years ago my hubs applied to become a conductor for Metro North which runs out of grand central. 197 more words


How a Women's March Once Saved the World [Slideshow]

*Disclaimer – If you have not heard the song “Keep Your Head Up” by Tupac, do yourself and society a favor and please listen. Listen twice, maybe three times. 250 more words


The 50 things I love about New York City!

Za co New Yorkers kochają swoje miasto? Dlaczego prawie każdy człowiek chciałby odwiedzić to miejsce? Czy naprawdę jest tak kolorowo? Jeśli jesteście ciekawi czy Nowy Jork to naprawdę tak niesamowite miejsce jak próbują przekonać nas do tego wszystkie filmy, seriale i piosenki…zapraszam na relacje :) 419 more words


V day or... errr.... whatever...

Though nothing, will keep us together
We could steal time, just for one day
We can be heroes, forever and ever
What’d you say?

February 14th, 2017

New York

Куда уходят поезда

До конца февраля у вас есть уникальный шанс побывать на 15-й юбилейной выставке поездов в филиале Музея транспорта, расположенного в здании Центрального Вокзала на Манхеттене. 24 more words


The Library

This past weekend we escaped into another world, ensconced in the British Library. On previous visits to London, I’ve passed the building many times but this was my first time going inside. 393 more words

Homeward Bound: Grand Central, Basildon, Essex

All-American food and diner style restaurants will never lose their popularity, so restaurants are on to a winner if they can fine tune this niche successfully. 873 more words