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Taurus Birthdays, Friends, New Experiences, and Work in May

I went through a lot of challenges this month and a few of them is learning to opening up to new people that I recently met and friends that I’ve known for more than a year in NYC. 448 more words

The City At Dusk

Not much can beat a spring night in NYC.

Playing Around Before the Workday Starts- Gambino & MetroNorth Musings

This morning, one of those “frat boy done grown up” types sat near me on my train into work. Desperate to block out the voice I was sure could only be at home in a Greek house*, I grabbed my headphones in hopes of being able to nap or read my book. 529 more words


The Black Swan Roams Grand Central

Ok guys! I have waited way too long to post this set of images, but we had so many other projects in the works that I just had to hold off, until now! 356 more words


At the edge of the woods was an old house...

There was once an old cottage on the edge of the woods. In that cottage loved a little old woman, along with two young children, who she had been caring for. 884 more words

Photo Journal

Back in New York, Part 6: It's fun being a tourist

It doesn’t get more touristy than Times Square. Can’t say I understand why tens of thousands of tourists parade through it everyday. But it is super-fun to sketch. 108 more words