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Portal 13.10 Part III

Once again, The Donald is our role model.  No, we wouldn’t want to be him, or be like him.  But he’s Donald.  You’re You, he’s Donald.   509 more words

October 2016

Happy Solar Return Cecil!

 Happy Birthday to the original owner of the Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall, Mr Cecil Hugh Williamson was born on 18th September 1909 and passed from this world into the next on 9th December 1999. 475 more words

Huge Reboot 5

I’ll use Huge Reboot 4 as a template, grey it out a bit, shorten the material in earlier Huge Reboots, and add new comments in black. 1,344 more words

The Truth About August

Is it still an Eclipse if NASA says it’s not? All the calendars say August 18th is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and I included it in the August Horoscopes.. 350 more words

Full Moon, Litha and the Mutable Grand Cross

Blessings upon you, dear ones!

The Northern Hemisphere is celebrating Litha (aka Midsummer/Summer Solstice) and the rare occasion that the Full Moon falls upon it!  The last time we experienced this alignment of Litha and the Full Moon was in June of 1967, and we won’t experience such a close alignment again until June, 2062. 973 more words