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mεγάλο φινάλε (Grand Finale)

The shelf-life of a hypocrite
is a little hard to know.
As soon as the rule no longer applies,
they’re quick to let you go. 193 more words


Cassini's First Grand Finale Dive Past Saturn

One of Cassini‘s cameras took a rapid series of images that were used to make this movie of the spacecraft’s first dive through the gap between Saturn and its rings on 26 April, 2017.

Video Credit: NASA


Cassini Survived Its Historic First Pass Between Saturn and Rings; First Pics In!

Cassini made it! On April 26, 2017, NASA’s Saturn-exploring spacecraft made its closest pass by the planet since its arrival in 2004, beginning the final phase of its mission with its first… 512 more words


Cassini has survived the first dive!

Cassini’s first dive inside the rings has been completed, and the spacecraft has regained contact with Earth, right on schedule.  As I type this, Cassini is busy downlinking data from the close pass via the DSS 43 dish, the largest one at the Deep Space Network’s Canberra, Australia location.  118 more words


Cassini's Grand Finale Has Begun

In the wee hours of the morning today, Cassini made its 127th and final close flyby of Saturn’s giant moon Titan, the second largest satellite in the solar system.   266 more words


Robot Wars S09E06 Part 3: Crowning A Champion

Having seen Carbide wipe the floor with pretty much everyone to get into the Grand Final, the second spot is still very much up for contention, with Eruption, Ironside and Aftershock all vying for the place. 2,141 more words

Robot Wars

Get Ready for Cassini's Glorious Grand Finale

The end is near. On September 15, 2017, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will end its mission as well as its very existence with a plunge into the atmosphere of the very planet it has been orbiting since June 2004. 202 more words