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Ray's Bottle of Joe at Grand Indonesia West Mall Thamrin Jakarta

August 2nd, 2017. I was on my way to another event, when Natasha asked me to join her to Grand Indonesia. She was heading to a meeting there. 327 more words

Food And Beverage

Nutella di Roti-in! [Nutella & Regal Bomba - Ray's Bottle of Joe, Grand Indonesia]

📌In frame : Nutella & Regal Bomba
💰Price : Rp. 25.000 each they give you discount 50% after 8pm.
📍Loc : Ray’s Bottle of Joe, Grand Indonesia Mall, West Mall Lantai 3A, Jakarta Pusat. 193 more words


Zenbu Nose Maze Soba - Kokoro Maze Soba, Grand Indonesia

📌In frame : Kokoro Nose Maze – Soba (Pork).
💰Price : Rp. 95.000
📍Loc : Kokoro Maze Soba, Grand Indonesia Mall, West Mall Lantai 5, Jakarta Pusat. 404 more words


Mango Macchiato - KOI Cafe, Grand Indonesia

📌In frame : Mango Machiato.
💰Price : Rp. 21.000 (S)
📍Loc : Sour Sally, Central Park Mall, Lantai LG, Jakarta Barat.

Kualitas : 9.0

Lokasi : 9.0… 174 more words


Peach Ice Tea - Publik Markette, Grand Indonesia

📌In frame : Peach Ice Tea
💰Price : Rp 45.000
📍Loc : Publik Markette, Grand Indonesia Mall, Lantai Ground, East Mall, Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta. 185 more words


Fruit Danish - Kempideli, Grand Indonesia

📌In frame : Fruit Danish
💰Price : Rp 20.000
📍Loc : Kempideli, Grand Indonesia Mall, Lantai 2, East Mall, Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat. 204 more words


KOI The Cafe (Matcha & Ovaltine)

📌In frame : Matcha Macchiato (M)
💰Price : Rp 35.000
📍Loc : Botani Square Lantai 2, Jalan Raya Pajajaran, Bogor Tengah, Kota Bogor.

📌In frame : Ovaltine Machiato (M) 253 more words