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OH NO, Distractions have doubled each year!

So today I thought I needed to do a little upgrading on current real estate trends, hone those skills, and the one thing in the webinar that jumped out at me was a comment that in the past few years the distractions for real estate agents have doubled each year for the past 3 years and is expected to triple this year. 229 more words

Blogging 101

Releasing Grandma to the Wild

We all need Grandmas-people who believe in us no matter how wretchedly we behave. People who are absolutely, unequivocally, and even unreasonably-on our side. 359 more words

Human Nature

Growing Sarcasm

I try to have a decent relationship with my daughter, especially now that she is legally an adult. The time for childish things has passed, no more taking her to play at the arcade, buying her bras and undies, hiding Easter baskets or noisy sleepovers. 441 more words


Cold and Colorful Colorado... Is it fishing time yet?

I woke up early this morning, I have 2 days off and don’t want to waste my time sleeping in. It has been so cold in Colorado (just about everywhere) I thought about Spring…. 233 more words

Funny Stuff

It ain't called faith for nothing!

Recently I have been very depressed and sad. Naturally I run to Poppa and ask Him, “Why am I feeling this? Won’t I ever experience that peace that so many tout all over the internet? 488 more words


Perkins Diesel and fly bridge work

Just prior to lunch Patti frees me from grand kid duty, and before she headed off towards what the kids refer to as “the special park”, Lucy and I are at my special place. ¬† 676 more words

Yes, It Has Been A While.

I’ve been away from my blog, lets see if this dinosaur can remember how to post. ¬†This post will try to fill in what has been happening in my back yard these past many months. 611 more words