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Has Most Worshipful R. Stephen Doan, Past Grand Master, been reading this blog? 

Probably not (if my traffic stats are reliable); but it does seem odd that within months of my first post, this horrific piece appeared in California Freemason. 488 more words

Grand Lodge

The Craftsmen's Paradox - Redux

My post on the Masonic version of the Abilene Paradox — which I named the Craftsmen’s Paradox, since I’m the guy writing about it — generated a not-unsurprising amount of feedback on Facebook, Reddit, and in various PMs and emails. 895 more words


Grand Lodge Scholarship - MWPHGLNJ

Every year the Grand Lodge gives out a scholarship to a deserving High School Senior.  Below you will find the criteria for the scholarship.

If you are interested you may view and download the application by clicking… 44 more words

Lodge News

Masonic Journeys (No, the other kind)

Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts and illness did not allow me to attend Nebraksa’s Annual Communication (aka Grand Lodge). Luckily for me, however, the installation of Grand Lodge officers did not occur at Grand Lodge, and will not be until next weekend. 842 more words

Freemasons in London

On a rainy Wednesday afternoon, shortly after finishing assignment I found myself near the Grand Lodge in Holborn. Always having my camera ready, I took a great photograph of members leaving the temple. 57 more words


A good day in Texas

It’s not often I do a current events post on this blog, but three days ago on the 6th of December something rather important happened. For the past seven years or so the Grand Lodge of Texas and the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas have recognised each other as being regular, in essence recognising each other’s members as being masons. 157 more words


A new Chapter begins

Okay, firstly I’ll apologise for the terrible pun in the title, those of you who know a little bit about Freemasonry’s side orders may well have spotted it. 644 more words