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It’s easy to let self pity invade your mind, especially when you have a medical condition that limits you. It’s easy to say “poor me I can’t be normal like everyone else”. 283 more words


March 26th Purple Day Epilepsy Awareness

Hiya Darlings!

On March 26th, about a month from now, it is a very important day that we should all be aware of. It is the purple day, the day for raising Epilepsy awareness. 985 more words


I hate seizures so much

Such a sad week, Conner’s seizures have become worse. He now is having 3-5, 1-2 minutes grand mals 70-100 infantile spasms a day. He desaturated during his grand mals, and is now foaming at the mouth with these ones. 64 more words

Special Needs

The Year in Review ~ 2014

What a year it’s been! Good, bad, and everything in between. Emma recovered from her surgery in September 2013 like a champ. Winter turned into spring and Emma experienced the grand mal (probably febrile) seizure at my Mom’s house in early April. 1,793 more words

Living with Epilepsy

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to this short post on living with epilepsy.  I know that some of you were expecting the third and final post in my shoulder surgery series (I apologise to those who are); I assure you that delight is still to come.   1,041 more words


I'm Just Gonna Shake it Off, Shake it Off

November is National Epilepsy Awareness month.   As many of you know I have epilepsy. I thought I’d share my story in hopes of raising more awareness. 1,227 more words

Knowledge of Epilepsy

Something happened today that made me start to think back… way back.. when I was a teenager in high school.  If someone back then told me they were epileptic… would I really have known what that meant?  666 more words

Spread Awareness