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on seizures

My son’s first seizure was on his birthday, in March 2016.  Of all of the party options provided, he opted for bowling with a few close friends. 1,129 more words



I was talking to another mom yesterday as she related to me a story that I knew well.  Her adult daughter had started seizing the day before, over 20 Grand mal seizures in a 2 hour period.   362 more words

Raising A Child With Disabilities

My journey so far...

…step 1 is complete.

Surgery is now complete. It has been a few days now. 5 days total so far, including day of surgery, 2 days in a Neurological ICU, and2 days in an Osteo-Surgery Medical Recovery Floor. 141 more words


The rest of the tests....

November 7th was another long day in Henderson. This time at Steinberg Diagnostics for a MRI with an with out contrast, and a MRI-Spec. The staff there were great. 445 more words


My journey

Sunday October 9th, 2016 was like any other Sunday at the Western Caughey Compound. We were all sitting around binge watching The Ranch, which is a great show. 871 more words



During all my time acquiring evidence against all of the public services I came across I would also ask myself questions about it all.

One of those is ‘do they do this knowing they all help each other out to screw the public over?’ 1,006 more words

Subjective description of a Grand Mal seizure

It’s not that I see another man
or hear another man’s voice.
I wish it were so simple,
but I don’t, it isn’t.
Something happens, that’s all. 309 more words