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Beautiful Words:

A day late, but better late than never as they say!

This word of Latin origin drew me to think of the many seizure epochs I’ve experienced within my epilepsy.   34 more words

They Never Get Easier

I had several small seizures last week but it all started with a Grand Mal Sunday night…

They never get any easier, no matter how big or small. 436 more words

My Epilepsy

Holiday Events and Fear

Do any of you fear attending holiday events because of your illness/situation?  I do.  In fact, to be bold, and incredibly rare for me, I am terrified to attend functions of any nature because of the possibility that I may break out into a full grand mal seizure at any time, sometimes without any warning whatsoever. 506 more words

Seizure Alert Babes

November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month, so I thought I’d repost this.

Seizure Alert Dogs are quite the rage now among the epileptic set. You get the whole aura thing happening and Fido (Phydeaux on the Westside) picks up on it and barks or whatever he does and you’re saved.  2,463 more words


What IS a Seizure, Anyway?

First of all, let me say that I am NOT a medical doctor.  My mother and grandmother both were, so I was raised to sound like one unintentionally sometimes, but I assure you – I am not.  1,175 more words

Celebrating the 'Normal' Day

Apparently, it’s common to have a majority of seizures at night for some people.  I appear to be one of those people.  Not that I don’t have whoppers during the daytime, but I often awaken my wife with a nasty grand mal or worse, a cluster of seizures. 566 more words