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You May Fire When Ready

I created an illustration of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, also known as Governor Tarkin.  He is a character in the first Star Wars movie.  Peter Cushing portrayed Tarkin in the original film.  75 more words

David Jernigan

Grand Moff Tarkin Perler Pixel Pattern


Summer is coming up fast, and once the kids are out of school all bets are off.  Last year we ended up taking a break in posting most of the summer, but I promise we are not going to do that again this year.   635 more words

Star Wars

Mondo Announces Time Limited Edition Prints of Grand Moff Tarkin & Bossk By Mike Mitchell

Last month Mondo launched a Star Wars portrait series by Mike Mitchell, and they’re excited to continue their partnership with Acme Archives to bring you two new characters from a galaxy far, far away. 128 more words


Peter Cushing Doctor = Grand Moff Tarkin

I’ve had a fun fan theroy for a while, that the Peter Cushing Doctor is The Doctor of Pete’s World.

Suppose that at some point he stumbled across a galaxy in his universe ruled by an evil tyrant, and he realized there was no way he could stop the tyrant. 132 more words


Force Friday: 3 Weird Star Wars Things to Think About

By: Daniel Reynolds

For the next three Fridays leading up to The Force Awakens’ release on December 18th, join Reynolds as he takes a journey through the fun and weird bits of Star Wars lore. 1,621 more words



Who wants to see me as Hamlet? Very few. But millions want to see me as Frankenstein so that’s the one I do.  Peter Cushing… 112 more words