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How Rogue One Created Princess Leia & Grand Moff Tarkin

Bringing back the late Peter Cushing and 19-year-old Carrie Fisher for a story taking place before the 1977 “Star Wars” was a CGI challenge.


Just How Did Star Wars Brought People Back From The Dead?

With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story having been in theatres for a few weeks now, one of the biggest talking points of the film has been the digital resurrection of the late Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin. 439 more words


Let the dead rest?

This post is going talking a bit about Rogue One and will be veering a bit into spoiler territory but since it has now been out for a few weeks I’m assuming you’ve either seen it or aren’t interested in seeing it. 720 more words

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Star Wars: Rogue One has a peculiar relationship with death

Warning: Lots of spoilers.

The movie Star Wars: Rogue One is a fun way to pass a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon, especially if you’re a kid without much exposure to the Star Wars franchise. 502 more words


The Nerd Word: Rogue One

Being something of a nerd, I often find it difficult to discover/get invited to large, end-of-the-year social gatherings, and moving to a new area recently hasn’t helped much.   1,223 more words

Let's Talk About Rogue One.

Please be warned, this article may contain spoilers for the new Star Wars film, Rogue One, in addition to older films in the franchise.

I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’ve either already seen the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise or you’re interested in doing so. 781 more words