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R.I.P. Christopher Lee (May 22nd. 1922 - June 7th, 2015)

Though not his biggest fan, I will remember him for his portrayal as Count Dooku from the Star Wars saga & as Willy Wonka’s father, Wilbur, in 2005’s “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory”, among other things such as his distinctive voice in which he sang metal covers of traditional Christmas songs but also for the close friendship he had with actor Peter Cushing whom we all should recognize as Grand Moff Tarkin. 14 more words


The Grand Moff

Evacuate now? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances!

– Grand Moff Tarkin, A New Hope

Today we remember Peter Cushing at his birthday (born 1913, died 1994, 11 August)

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Star Wars Rebels: Fire Across the Galaxy Review

Im filled with mixed emotions as I write this review. Star Wars Rebels season 1 is now officially over and I know there will be a long wait until Season 2 starts up . 917 more words

Star Wars

Star Wars Rebels: Season One- Uprising in the Outer Rim

Rating: Strong Recommend

Well, that was unexpected. After unceremoniously dumping The Clone Wars before it had even completed it’s season, Disney announced the development of a new, kid friendly animated show.  687 more words


Review Round-up: Star Wars Rebels "Rebels Resolve"

It is hard to press forward when you’ve lost something. For instance this review was hard to write when I lost focus on this episode. The essence of this episode was the build up, the climb, and the set-up to the season finale which airs tonight. 1,841 more words

Review Round-up

Star Wars Rebels: Call to Action Review

Wow! What an episode!
This week’s Rebels kicked off with some pretty serious tones and didn’t let up until the credits rolled. This was Star Wars Rebels at its darkest yet and gave The Empire Strikes Back a run for its money in that respect. 703 more words

Star Wars

Review Round-up: Star Wars Rebels "Call to Arms"

The March began, the call went out and the stakes have gone up as Tarkin takes on the Rebels. Suffering a set back of conviction our Rebels try to handle the fallout of Gall Trayvis’ deception, as the Imperial propaganda machine works against them. 1,034 more words

Review Round-up