Black to basics

Just got back from mine and the kids’ annual pilgrimage to Blackpool. Mostly to enjoy the thrills of the rickety rides at the Pleasure Beach and in part to remind ourselves that whatever life throws at us, or how low we may sometimes feel – it could be worse – we could live in Blackpool. 498 more words

Easter Blues

Hi there! Welcome back to the blog, where we’re slowly getting closer to the end. Only 2ish months of blog entries left! Let’s just get straight back into it then. 2,228 more words

Horses, Bears, and Phantom Power.

All terrible amateur photography and footage is my own.
By Michael Cameron.

April 8th 2017; along with half of Scotland I back the winning horse in the Grand National due mostly to the saltire on the Jockey’s jersey. 944 more words

Saturday Racing from Punchestown and Sandown

We’ve been spoilt with some great racing from Punchestown this week and some gripping finishes in the big races.  Even if it was the first time all season I hadn’t backed him it was great to see Unowhatimeanharry return to form and bag another big prize. 1,470 more words

Punchestown Festival Friday Preview

Day Two faired a little better for us with a couple of winners and places but not at any sort of prices to be retiring just yet.  1,342 more words

One For Arthur Wins the Grand National

For those of you who missed the 2017 Grand National, it’s safe to watch the replay. Although many horses and riders fell, no injuries were reported. 175 more words


Punchestown Festival Day Three

The opening day proved tough for us, finding just the single winner, so let’s hope the rest of the week proves a little more successful. 947 more words