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Morning Ray of Sunshine -Forget the Irritants, Focus on the Living

How angry we get with people who we feel aren’t understanding us and our vision, who impede our paths in annoyingly minor ways, who say spiteful or hurtful things that upset our egos, who refuse to acknowledge how fantastic and awesome we are. 202 more words


To want. . .

To be willing. . .

It is one thing
to want to be

as smart
as was old Kant– 237 more words


Packing up and moving on

Did I mention we’re moving?

Yup we’re packing up and leaving our first home (of 11 years!) to take a step closer to that grand plan of ours. 423 more words

Grand Plan


I don’t know how I feel about this stock photo site.  Have I mentioned this before?  Everything is a little too evocative.  A little too composed and processed.   581 more words


Corymbia Citrodora

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” (Nelson Henderson)

Had to share this incredible trunk I saw on one of the gums in the local homemaker centre carpark. 289 more words


Shillelagh Sue

I spent longer than I’d care to admit sussing out the correct spelling for shillelagh.

Feeling pretty okay for a variety of reasons.

I am getting stronger even when I feel ridiculously weak in nearly every area.   525 more words


Ever Elsewhen

Get back in that body.  Get back down in that body.   Come out of the clouds, the air, the houses you maintain in the places where you are not. 496 more words