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Adam - FHC 2017 {Grand Rapids Senior Photographer}

We were able to sneak in Adam’s senior portrait session before the yearbook deadline…..and I’m so glad that we did.

Adam, I had a great time doing your senior portraits.   83 more words

Daniel - FHC 2017 {Grand Rapids Senior Photographer}

Daniels’s Mom and I played for rival basketball teams back in the day…..seems like a lifetime ago…..I was so excited when I got her message inquiring about senior portraits.   112 more words

I'm in college, and I'm homeless ~~ reminder


Thanks so much for your support for my campaign! Since I started this petition, there has been some exciting progress; college administrators agreed to help find a hotel where foster and homeless students were able to stay warm and safe during winter break . 661 more words

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Nicolas - Grand Rapids Christian {Grand Rapids Senior Photographer}

I’m really enjoying these cooler senior sessions…..working all summer in 90+ heat and humidity was hard…….

Thanks Nicolas, I had a great time working with you & your Mom.   71 more words

Andrew H. - FHC 2017 {Grand Rapids Senior Photographer}

I know that having your portraits made wasn’t high on your “can’t wait to do” list Andrew, but you did a great job.  I enjoyed talking to you & your Mom. 86 more words

Tyler - FHC 2017 {Grand Rapids Senior Photographer}

I had the pleasure of doing Tyler’s senior portraits.  It was another beautiful night….as was much of the summer this year.  The nice thing was we didn’t have the 93 degree heat and humidity. 64 more words

Russell - FHC 2017 {Grand Rapids Senior Photographer}

Russell, how is it possible that it was time for your senior portraits?

Seriously, I can’t believe how the years fly by.

You were a lot of fun to photograph and it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be, right?   58 more words