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Today I killed lots of people. Today I destroyed lots of vehicles. Today I cursed Michael so much. And today I thanked Franklin so much. 299 more words

Grand Theft Auto 5

Too. Many. Kills.

Shit remember those things I got for Michael? Yeah, so the plan was in action now. We had to use all of those items to rob some money from IAA guys for FIB guys. 350 more words

Grand Theft Auto 5

Robbing One Government Agency For The Other

After Trevor’s fucking mission, I was chilling at home. The lonely house. Steve called me up & asked to meet at Murrieta Oil Fields. This time, they (FIB) wanted us to fuck with IAA. 271 more words

Grand Theft Auto 5

The Score That Was Null & Void

Michael’s buddy Trevor called me up today. Dude was talking about some score worth millions. I wouldn’t say no to any money of course. He called me at his place. 186 more words

Grand Theft Auto 5

Trevor, You Asshole.

My dear friend Trevor called me up. He had found a score apparently. A score worth $20 Million. I had my doubts because it was Trevor & not Lester or Franklin. 251 more words

Grand Theft Auto 5

$20 Million Just Came & Went Away In Few Minutes.


I hated those people. After my recce at the dock, I decided to take whatever they are guarding & sell it off to make profits for the Trevor Philips Industries. 403 more words

Grand Theft Auto 5