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Personalisation, also considered as a game mechanic, is where the player is able to customize the appearance or clothes of the characters that they are playing as or of a group of characters. 171 more words

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Bikers DLC

We’re having a go on the new DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5 this week, as we slap on some tight leather and pretend we’re bikers for the afternoon.  52 more words



In games we look at content,characters and story.But things what make the game really cool is details.Details make the game lively and interesting.So let’s take a look at gta 5 little details… 302 more words


7 Video Games Where You’re the Bad Guy, You Monster

With Halloween right around the corner – if by corner, you mean a little under three weeks away – it’s time to lazily theme articles/videos/whatever the hell it is you do/etc.  706 more words

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Video Game Review: Grand Theft Auto V (Review of the Single Player Mostly, played on PC)

When I first started playing this game, I was worried that it might be kind of crap. I know the reviews have generally been positive, but the idea of splitting the single player campaign into three separate characters sound like a hassle that would slow down or break apart the flow of the story. 554 more words

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Various Screenies

Lets all take some time to check out some of my best screenshots, of which I am most proud! (To see some of my previous screenshots, click… 388 more words

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GTA V Massive Week Sale!

Everyone open up GTA V! Because this week, Rockstar games are initiating a massive GTA V multiplayer sale! Only this week, can you get double GTA $ and RP in 3 new events! 123 more words