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Grand Theft Auto Surpasses 90 Million Sold, Over 15 Million in 2017 Alone

The GTA V train continues to steam along at record pace. Take-Two announced the massively popular title has now sold over 90 million copies in total. 113 more words

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Some fun with the Pump Shotgun Mk II

Some fun with the Pump Shotgun Mk IIand some explosive rounds always good for some funny gameplay in freeroam. 347 more words

Barrage Doomsday Heist Mission

GTA Online: Barrage Doomsday Heist Mission

The barrage setup mission is the Act 3 Setup 3 setup mission as part of the Doomsday Heist. In this mission We used the insurgent pick up as well as the barrage buggy. 206 more words

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Grand Theft auto 5 is a fun and interactive open world game. GTA 5 is set within the fictional state of San Andreas which is based on Southern California and its rendition of the game world is absolutely astonishing, the city feels lively and the game is full of many little minor details and cool Easter eggs which are some of the few reasons why the world is great. 408 more words

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avez toujours rêvé de vous faire reluquer sur Vinewood Boulevard, les ingénieurs d’Overflod aimeraient vous dire un mot : Autarch. Lorsque vous grillerez les feux, les panneaux stop et que vous renverserez des piétons au volant de cette supersportive conçue avant tout pour la vitesse et moins pour l’environnement, tout le monde se retournera sur votre passage. 295 more words


Twitter Has a Problem with the Word "Russian"

I tweeted this last night and now I’m shadowbanned! Man it sucks to have to work in a system that is being run by low IQ gestapos.

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6 Craziest Easter Eggs In Grand Theft Auto Franchise

GTA is a franchise absolutely brimming with Easter eggs. From references to movies to secret alien spaceships, Grand Theft Auto has never been one to shy away from poking fun at just how absurd the series is. 35 more words