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Game Spotlight: Grand Theft Auto Vice City

You know a game is pretty good when I can vividly remember spending hours just playing in the sandbox world, no missions, no storylines, just playing. 703 more words


Rockstar Games - The GTA Series & Max Payne Are Now On Sale

Today we have great news for Rockstar fans! The company has put all the mobile GTA titles along with Max Payne Mobile on sale for a limited time. 130 more words

2016 - Q2

Rocks In The Attic #459: Hall & Oates - ‘H20’ (1982)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has a lot to answer for. Hearing Out Of Touch on that game’s soundtrack turned me onto Hall & Oates in a big way, but I only managed to get around to buying one of their albums on vinyl last year. 144 more words


This Week in Trophies 01-17-2016 – 01-23-2016

How to sum up this week? Hmm…let’s see…a platinum trophy, always nice, a frustrating game that I got one trophy from, at least it was something, and a new game, always exciting. 491 more words


This Week in Trophies 01-10-2016 – 01-16-2016

While this wasn’t an 80+ trophy week, it was a pretty decent week with a total of 21 trophies added to my always growing collection. I like to think of my trophies as a collection because if not, then what the hell are they? 392 more words


These Are The Best 'Grand Theft Auto' Missions From The Modern Era

Since the release of Grand Theft Auto III, the series has grown into one of the most popular video game franchises in the world, balancing crass humor, satire, and violence in a way that keeps people coming back for more. 2,223 more words


12 Playstation Games That I Really Miss - Pt 2

SOCOM II: US Navy Seals

Socom forces you to think tactically because numbers are not on your side, and the weapons you choose have decided advantages and disadvantages. 743 more words