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MDA3200: Grand Theory and Spectatorship

Looking at the relationship between film and audience I begin to understand the importance of the audience, I know this sounds like a given but honestly until now I guess I have only really thought of the audience on the receiving end, as in who the audience will be when the film is completed and where they will view the film. 141 more words

BA Film.

Photo Finish: Photographer FISDJ Talks Shooting Rapsody's "She Got Game" Cover, Camera Phones & More

On Tuesday, Rapsody releases her highly anticipated DJ Drama-hosted She Got Game mixtape, and if you check it out, the first thing you’ll see is the work of Sammer Abdel-Khalek a.k.a FISDJ. 1,419 more words


The Nature of The Authority of Scripture.

It seems as if Christianity is always fated to battle with science, but does it have to? It also seems that the conversation about who the Bible exercises authority over is heated as well. 608 more words

Benefits of a more just system

First let’s imagine fixing a few of the big problems of our present systems.

Suppose we fixed the business cycles, the cycles of boom and bust that have been happening for hundreds of years. 906 more words

Step by Step Revolution

Why do we have to have a step by step revolution? Are there other ways that would work? When we look at our present systems, we see that they need to be changed in many ways. 842 more words

Speeding up Cultural Evolution

In previous posts I have discussed deficiencies in human thinking as described in Daniel Kahneman’s book “Thinking, Fast and Slow”. The discovery and explanation of these deficiencies can reinforce pessimism. 1,298 more words