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Grandaddy - The Sophtware Slump Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of a modern classic

I tend to get overexcited & hyperbolic when I’m writing about bands & albums that I love. I expect my readers to cotton on to this & adjust the way they think about my reviews accordingly. 1,818 more words


Sophomore Slump? What Sophomore Slump?: 5 albums which defied the “difficult second album syndrome”

Everyone has heard about the “sophomore slump” or “difficult second album syndrome.” Riding high on the success of their debuts (which may have been written over many years) bands go into the studio to record their second albums. 1,111 more words


Yesterday's Eye-Catching Album Covers...

Great album covers from the past…

9 May 2020

‘Under the Western Freeway’ by GRANDADDY
Released: 21 October 1997

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Album Cover Of The Day

10 days/10 albums Facebook challenge

Over on Facebook, a lot of people have been doing a thing where every day for 10 days you post the cover of an album which ‘greatly influenced’ your taste in music. 1,662 more words


Small Children Dream

Grand children are a wonderful thing … and when they dream they are angels.

Gone Troppo · Small Children Dream


#1217 Elliott Smith - Figure 8

Elliott Smith was a troubled troubadour who nowadays may be most well known for his unconventional death in 2003. He stabbed himself in the heart, that takes some doing, however suicidal one might feel. 192 more words

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