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showing butterflies
to grandbaby– one day
you’ll have wings, too


“Congratulations! You have become a grandfather to a sweet little angel”; floated the voice of nurse to my grandfather. Of course I was not a real angel to comprehend languages at that time, courtesy goes to my grandmother who narrated to me about my birth and their joy. 409 more words

Short Stories

A letter to my grandmother, part I

lost letters : 004

23 April 2016

Dear Lola Mercy,

I swear that I am absolutely terrible at keeping up with these. It’s literally almost been a year since I’ve written something like this. 422 more words


Truck Driver

My granddaughter prefers the driver’s seat, every time! 22 more words


113/365 Sweetness

Can you not see it written all over her face? Pure sweetness.


112/365 Innocence

I look at that face and all I see is innocence. But of course that is just a grandmother’s thinking!