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Emma Looking Beautiful As Always

Not everyone looks beautiful in the snow with a hat on. But Emma does!


The Little Things

Enjoy the little things in life.

One day you will look back
and realize

they were the big things.

Cheers & Hugs,


Dueling Grandbabies

This week we had a family gathering at our daughter’s and son-in-law’s house in Bryan.  Both baby granddaughters were there, our daughter’s 10 week old and also our son’s 5 month old.  210 more words


When coffee is more than just coffee...

A picture speaks a thousand words right?

So here’s my thousand words for you today…

…Or should I say thousand coffees?

Well actually there are some tea’s and hot chocolates in there too it that’s by the by. 461 more words

Bringing In The New Year With My Granddaughter

Babysitting my granddaughter went really well. She’s such a good baby. There was some trouble falling asleep, but once she fell asleep she slept through the night, 9 1/2 hours. 62 more words


Ready To Babysit

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m lucky enough to spend my night with my husband and granddaughter. It’s the first time we babysit for her. I’ve just finished baby proofing the house, I cleaned everything yesterday, the high chair and the play pen are set up. 80 more words