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Im a useless man now


No pa, youre not. You never were. Never will be. You’ve raised me. You’ve given me all your love, you cooked for me.

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A letter to Glenn

Dear Glenn,

15 years ago tonight, I was trying to get a good night’s sleep but your mommy was fighting me, every step of the way. 1,111 more words


Can Time be Stretched?

Hello again. It is a beautiful day in Orlando and I have a new charge in my life. My 9 year old grandson has come to live with me. 252 more words


Grandchild in Trouble Scam

Many fraudulent scams targeting seniors, play on the emotion of fear. “We need to inspect your utilities to avoid a house fire!” or even more terrifying “I am your grandson’s attorney, he has been arrested and is in need of bail money.” The “grandchild in trouble” scam plays in to everyone’s weak spot, our families. 448 more words


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Guilt of a Grandchild

At the age of 6 I had acquired another Grandma & Grandpa. They treated me like their own & I would often stay overnight at theirs. 716 more words