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Tea with Grandma

My granddaughter visited a week ago.

One of many favourite things to do is have a cup of tea with grandma, using her special cup. 27 more words


FPA x2: Grandson vs Daughter - Close Personal Relationship

This month, the Supreme Court of New South Wales, determined a family provision claim by a self-sufficient adult daughter and an adult grandson.

In the case of… 935 more words


Instax Mini 8 with Monochrome Film

Three months ago Fujifilm announced the release of Instax Mini Monochrome, a new instant film. It is important and wonderful that they are making new kinds of film, though the pleasure is much diminished by their discontinuation of several other film types in the past year or so. 1,228 more words


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My next offering over at 52 Rolls. This time experimenting with the new Fuji Instax Monochrome film, mostly indoors with flash. I quite the look even though the camera is very simple. I do discover some information that will help me make better photos with this camera. Roll 41 and we are at week 48 for the year so that is reassuring, especially as I have 5 rolls scanned and ready to go. Except one of those rolls which the lab scanned through the plastic sleeve (if you can believe that). You can see most of the pack, plus a few from an earlier colour pack at 52 Rolls, so click on the 52 Rolls link (here) .


The Universe shifted. The California Dream has come true. I have a new name.  I am Granny.

That is all I can say tonight.  Thank you prayer posse. Love each of you.


The Almost Thanksgiving At The In-Laws

It’s a safe bet to say that lots of women have issues with their mother-in law.  Some more so than others.  My mother-in-law, while my ex and I were dating, would *sigh* and talk about his previous girlfriend.   370 more words


Interacting With My Granddaughter

I got to see my granddaughter yesterday for a couple of hours. My step-daughter, her boyfriend, their daughter (my granddaughter), my husband, and myself all got together at my mother-in-laws house for dinner. 124 more words