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Speak Boldly as a Lion

Blurring the line between leisurely pastimes and lessons of faith may be as easy as popping a video into the player on a rainy afternoon. Its a chance to sit down with a grandchild for a respite from the constant motion. 263 more words

I talked stocks to my 6 year old grandson!

I watch Jim Cramer whenever I can and I listen to him.  I do not buy stocks based on his recommendations BUT I listen to his advice.   122 more words

Dad’s Know Alot...

My 6 year old grand daughter wrote (on a little white board on our refrigerator) a couple of days ago:

Dad’s know alot

Grandma and Grandpas know everything.

Happy Father’s Day!



365 reasons to smile ~ 71.

71. love my mokos xo

#throwback Mar 11, 2016: Yep, still do this lol.

#meme is a photograph of an extremely large frying pan full of bacon and eggs and tomatoes … looks like enough to feed 20+ people. 10 more words


I'm A Grandma!

Welcome Aryn Jade!  My first grandchild! Story to follow when I have time to write again!

Off Topic

Sensory Overload

For the past few months I’ve been having very strong, very real feelings elicited by smell or thoughts of scents. The feelings are so strong that I swear I can actually feel a presence of whatever it is I’m thinking about. 481 more words


Equipped to Disciple

Contrary to messages from post-modern culture saying we deserve the right to endlessly pursue leisure, God has given a biblical mandate that we are to impact future generations with the Gospel. 142 more words