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Demow and its callings

Winters at home have usually been good for nothing, except that Grandpa’s garden has a lot of grapefruit. I hate travelling, mostly because the roads are poor and motion sickness creates havoc. 741 more words

Top 5 reasons why my Grandad is the best!

A while back, I did a blog on why my Grandmother is awesome and amazing.

Well, my Grandad is just as amazing and I can’t go without writing about him as well! 350 more words



My granddaughter is visiting for the thanksgiving weekend. 19 more words


Macey Explains Reading Chapter Books, age 5

A verse based on a real conversation
or Macey explains reading, age 5

“Macey, can you read that book?”
the wondering grandpa said.
“Not the words . 9 more words

2017 Poem

Another scam making the rounds


Financial scams involving people pretending to be government employees aren’t restricted to IRS.Now there is a new scam making the rounds, one in which criminals try to defraud people out of their Social Security checks, 367 more words


Crack'n The Code

Apple juice now….

Apple juice now….”

I was standing next to my just turned two-year old granddaughter last night at a shrimp boil.

My sister Karen looked at me and asked, 122 more words


There's a new Houdini in town

Nothing like being roused from slumber by an early morning phone call from two anxious parents.  Seems little man was very very busy and managed to climb out of his crib.  203 more words