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The Ice Baloon Edition

I thought tonight I would ask my grandparents more about their children’s childhood events, one that sounded quite interesting was the water balloon incident.

When my Mummy was about 10 and the infamous cockerel beating Uncle M was 12.There was a scorching hot summer, and despite the summers being jammed packed with summer chores, of horses, donkeys, goats, chickens, there was the odd 5 or 10 minutes for some mucking about, so my mum and her brothers decided to have a water balloon fight. 132 more words


Love Family

Tasting love so divine

those in creating family

unnecessarily bloodline! 69 more words

The Mischevious Elephant Edition

Grandad drove a cattletruck for a living and whilst most days it contained cattle, destined for the market or the chop. He Occasionally got some more interesting passengers. 464 more words


The Exploding Grandma Edition!!!

Its Tyla’s turn tonight,

And I thought that I would tell a story and a couple of life lessons I have learned during this. My grandma and granddad have been married for 56 years now and are still going strong ( I think ?) but that does not mean that they haven’t had their share of bumps along the journey of life, for instance, my granddad ( as much as I love him ) can be a really grumpy, annoying, frustrating… old man, but I don’t know whether it’s the whisky or the ageing, with being a grumpy, annoying, frustrating old man he drives my grandma insane and on the verge of exploding, but one night she lost the plot, she actually exploded. 440 more words


Dear Grandma ...

So Today it’s Jess’s turn. And if I am being honest I don’t really feel like writing an anecdote today.

In a bid to try and learn more about our grandparents I found 20 Questions to ask them and so we started with Grandma.   437 more words


Gibson James

My grandson’s eyes shine with everything boy. 

They light up the moment he sees me.  Blue, round and brimming with his excitement.

My breath catches every single time our eyes meet.  133 more words


He's Got My Priorities Right

During a visit by our son Ben and grandson Thomas this afternoon the four-year old asked My Beloved , “You’re a real teacher, right Mama?” 41 more words