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When your granddaughter does your makeup.....

My granddaughter,Cora Belle, spent the night a couple days ago and she insisted on playing makeup. I was all too happy to play along, who doesn’t love a makeover! 70 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Connection

Connection with my new grandson by way of Skype in a far off place.


Lesson of the Horse Mask (Psalm 119:37)

Non-Christians often make conclusions about the Bible similar to the one I made about the mask. They think of it as something puts over our eyes to keep us from seeing all the fun we could be having. 145 more words


Baby blanket boom...

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts recently but I’ve been focusing on increasing my range of beautiful baby blankets.  I’ve previously posted about the… 251 more words


"Grand" Things Kids Say

The first day of school, my fifth grade grandson Shawn comes home with a list of things he requires for school. “I need a blue folder, a red folder, an art eraser, four number two pencils. 6 more words


The Guy Two Doors Down, What I'm Watching These Days, What I'm Dreaming These Days,

The Guy Two Doors Down

Pardon me while I pass a little gossip over the back fence. No one is harmed in this exercise. Resemblance to anyone, living or dead, is unintentional… except the guy two doors down. 658 more words

Day To Day

A long and painful goodbye to my dying grandparents

In July, I made my annual pilgrimage to Kottayam in the southern Indian state of Kerala to see my ageing grandparents.

They have aged dramatically since I had seen them last. 850 more words