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Don’t Buy Junk! (1 Samuel 12:21)

Christ teaches us that the people of God shouldn’t use their money as the world does. Instead, we should keep eternal values in mind. Sure, we must have what Jesus calls “unrighteous mammon,” or money, to buy what we need. 144 more words


More garden picking

Just a quick post today. This afternoon when it got a bit hotter, and we were hoping the mosquito activity had died out a bit, we headed for the garden with the grandchildren. 264 more words


Jaxon time

Since I dedicated the day to Ana yesterday, today I will share a few pictures of Jaxon. The first picture I am showing is of him displaying what we picked in the garden yesterday. 469 more words

Life In The Dakotas

Busy Times

Things have been super busy here at Papaw’s! We have had some minor and major events happen (all good) in the last week or so. For instance, I became a Papaw for the second time on July 14, 2016; my second grandson, Elias Wolf Owsley (those that know me know that “Wolf” is/has always been my nickname – yes, my head is swollen two sizes larger! 131 more words


The first thing I did

I retired.  Again.  From the same job I had before.  They wanted/needed me back for a few months so I went back to work a couple of days a week to basically help train a new person.   204 more words


Righteousness will Prevail (Habakkuk 2:4)

Speaking to the graduating seniors of New Zealand Bible College, Brian Smith said, “How well I recall the remark of a senior missionary in India when he was reflecting on the phenomenon we call Hinduism. 226 more words



Over the past 8 months we’ve been living with Daughter 2 in her house in Surrey.  Last November she had a child care crisis and we were worried about the effect on the grandchildren, so we offered to move her to her new house, move in with her and look after them until the wedding, when her husband would move in.  650 more words

Thinking About Godstuff