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It’s just Another Day Prayer

Father the song it’s just another day, just continue to press in my Spirit I don’t if it’s because my dear friend started singing but for the past few days this song has just been in my head, or maybe master it’s because I know that if it were not for you none of would be here, to even say it’s just another day. 450 more words

Restoring Order (Malachi 4:2)

Although are abilities are different, we rely the same thing: an orderly universe. Without order, there would be no predictability; without predictability, there would be no music or medicine. 127 more words


WPC - A Trio of Characters

My grandson, Kolbe, provides a trio of characters to keep our days interesting.

Sometimes Batman is our fierce protector – after he finishes his breakfast. 58 more words


The Birthday Boys: Daniel's 30th and Samuel's First

Today is our grandson Samuel’s first birthday.  It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that this chunky, happy,  healthy, playful, sturdy  little pumpkin… 279 more words

Family News

Cautiosly Thankful

This year has been like no others. Bountiful crops, here in Iowa, bordered by drought and violent weather, in other states. Poor water management troubles me. 363 more words

Trios of Fun

One of the first composition principles a student of photography learns is the rule of thirds.

Storytelling, too, can rely on the rule of… 302 more words


When DeadBeat Dads Become DeadBeat Granddads

My childhood was satisfactory sweetened by the overwhelming involvement of my two GRAND-Fathers. They truly were GRAND men and I love them with every quantifiable measurement of my energy. 336 more words