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Endangered Species (Revelation 9:18)

Whenever man goes, he spells trouble for nature. When sailor in the 1800s stopped at the Galapagos Islands, they ate the giant tortoises they found there. 248 more words


I want to be a pottery teacher.....

For this week’s Discover Challenge, the theme is ‘Transcript’.  We are asked to take something ephemeral and non-digital and bring it to our blog for all to enjoy and reflect on. 232 more words

Invitation to Chip In

“She has the money,” Fred argued. “Her husband left her swimming in the stuff. She can’t spend it all, so why not give some to her daughter if she needs it?” 344 more words


Entertainment is a relative thing...

The Rifleman is about to come on television, so I’m going to have to keep this blog short. Now please don’t tell me that you don’t know about The Rifleman because everyone should be exposed to Lucus McCain and his trick rifle…this is something everyone agrees on…except my daughter. 653 more words

Humorous Column

Finding God's Will - Jan 2017

A new search for the year  2017…..

My search for God’s will for my life in the big picture is centered around making a decision to move away from Cordova or to stay here and just take trips to visit my children. 1,110 more words

Finding God's Will

Help Yourself (Psalm 146:5)

Recently, I saw a television ad for a restaurant chain that made a dramatic claim. At those restaurants, the ad said you could “Help Yourself to Happiness.” Wouldn’t it be nice if a helping of potatoes or meat or pasta or dessert would be all that was needed to provide happiness? 228 more words


Angels sweet angels

The other day Papa, Breezy, and I were riding down a rode that had a perfect view of a beautiful blue sky and fluffy white clouds. 588 more words