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All Seen In A Day

Right into the field

which gave a lot of yields

known for its  fecundity

famed for its productivity

found I a prosperity

a sign of wealth in entity… 38 more words


Team Working skills

I have developed my team workings skills my working in groups to complete tasks given. Also I developed my team working skills by contributing in team discussions. 30 more words



Dacrycarpus dacrydioides

(previously known as Podocarpus dacrydioides)

Kahikatea / White Pine

Kahikatea typically grow in groups, their roots intertwining and supporting each other. Forests of Kahikatea have been heavily cleared to provide fertile land for farming, as well as being milled for the manufacture of butter boxes when refrigerated shipping developed. 296 more words


Black Tree Fern

Cyathea medullaris

Black Tree Fern / Mamaku

The broadest of the native tree ferns, with black-stalked fronds up to 5m long. The dark brown fur on leaf stems can itch like crazy. 232 more words


Tribute to Rome

I’ve just discovered this incredible and creepy video, edited by Franco Zeffirelli, which is one of the most beautiful tribute to Rome.

What’s better than this right now, in order to remember to dutch hooligans what they’ve caused and to make them feel just a little guilty? 73 more words


Release The Butterflies

We all have days where we feel like running and hiding, and it is normal. But when the butterflies are raging, we can feel like we’re the only one that has ever felt these feelings, and that no one will understand our nervousness. 343 more words




Duality contrast

Insecurity impasse

Delusion grandeur

Values …


Improvement made

Contribution accumulates

Role play

Defilement …



Survival instinct

Society dictates

Skillful Means …


Human & Life