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Redeeming family: My journey home

How does your family affect who you are?  Can stories of the past still resonate in the present?

Each of us is a unique genetic mixture of several ancestors in our mother and fathers’ families, and we have long accepted that our human hardware – as it were – is a product of these thousands of predecessors. 1,080 more words

Random Thoughts

He Still Is

I saw my grandfather today though he died in the winter of 2004.

I took the steps down to the basement searching for a tool. I had forgotten I had hung his worn and gray two-tine cultivator hoe (with the bent left prong and chinked metal on the blade) up on the brown pegboard of the basement walls. 72 more words


Coal Mining, 1929

The machine man clocked in for his shift and went down
in the rattling lattice cage, swallowed whole.
He took his pride beside his fate to go down: 136 more words


"I'm Pickle Rick!" - An Analysis of Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 3

Rick and Morty is a Cartoon Network show about a mad scientist that goes around on crazy sci-fi adventures with his grandson. So far, two seasons have aired, and eight episodes of the third season have already aired. 837 more words

Cartoon Network

September 24, 1970: The mysteries of New York.

It was a big day in New York City on Sept. 24, 1970.

Of course, I guess it’s always a big day in New York City. 757 more words


Syncing without Trace, but Czeching

I wish I could trace them – the tracks of my synchronicities.

Sometimes they feel like cross-hairs gradually coming together, to home in on the target, but it’s far more complex than that.   879 more words