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On Movies & Long Living

This post is a ramble about ….

Read, and see for yourself ;) 356 more words


Recalling a Grandfather

I did not know my grandfather well. And it seems sometimes that what hurts more than the memory of losing him is the losing of memory. 319 more words



Photo Copyright: Jean L. Hays

Here we are again this week. Today we’re sitting in virtual folding chairs across from a virtual tourist attraction where three cars are buried slanting skyward. 236 more words

Family Photos: Beyond the Selfie Stick

There is still immeasurable value in a photo album and framed family portrait.  Not the photo albums of old, with the sticky back and the plastic film flap that protects the photos…photo albums are graphically designed and laid out to perfection. 766 more words


I miss you Dada

As a kid, I would be so excited when he would come home..I would wait in the balcony and when I would see him coming, I would run and go down to meet him!   788 more words

Love thy neighbour - A short story

Vini’s mobile vibrated on the coffee table. She ran to pick it up. It was her friend Savita, who told her that she was sending her son, with the registration form for a summer camp for their daughters. 503 more words

Short Stories

Hello Love!

BOSTON (CBS) – Who still believes in the notion of love at first sight? I do—emphatically.

I fell hard before ever encountering her. The first photograph sealed the deal. 398 more words