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Dearest ‘Lo

August 13, 2020

Deares Lolo Pael,

I can’t believe you’re gone. I have this regret that I wasn’t really able to see you and talk with you the last time I went home. 257 more words

Articles And Musings

Both of my grandfathers went to prison!

Hello World it’s me again,

Words cannot explain the feeling one has when they learn both their grandfathers were criminals.

I recently did an online DNA test and started working on my family tree a few months ago. 279 more words


Lo, You Belonged

Today is a story of a man who searched for belongingness all his life. A story of a man who felt he never belonged, who thought he was never enough. 727 more words

Thoughtful Sundays

painful [party], Aug3set!

The oldest episode of my ancestors that I heard from my grandfather is about my great-great-grandfather and I hereby write it down for the record. According to my grandfather, his grandfather was quite a prodigal. 1,207 more words


The Ignorant Fear

She smiles a counterfeit kindness
With gender on her mind
Age fear, becomes her blindness
Unknown and undefined
She doesn’t know him, doesn’t care
What lies behind his smile… 37 more words


Trying Dragon Fruit For The First Time

My grandpa (Dada) grew some dragon fruits on the terrace, so we ate them. I had never eaten a dragon fruit. And I had never seen the inside of the dragon fruit. 22 more words