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Hip Replacement

Granddad’s hip surgery went well. In my mind he got fed up with the good doctor’s tomfoolery over “proper procedure,” and under the spell and euphoria of the epidural, proceeded to replace his own hip and suture up the wound, in order to be sure to at least catch the last four innings of the ball game. Love you, old man.

Ode to a Beloved Grandfather

He was the best kind of man – a man of dignity and integrity, with a well-read, informed, liberal mind, and a heart that belonged, partly, to his three granddaughters. 317 more words


Papa and My Husband

(My grandfather died when I was in middle school. I didn’t meet my husband until I was in college. Yet, I think they would have liked each other.) 98 more words

A Little Silliness

What Happens When...?

I am a simple person, who is just curious, but I try to be brutally honest with myself.  I am not a theologian, or anthropologist, or philosopher.   1,212 more words

Why We Raise Our Voice In An Argument

A 100 year old grand old man saw his grandson having a heated discussion with his wife.

He asked his grandson, “Why do you raise your voice when you are angry with your wife?” 184 more words

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