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I love you!!

Hey! This is not a post for my best friend. Neither I’m writing it for my mother or dad. You see, these have been my favourite people ever since but now I’ve made space for another person, who was special for me but now, I have started valuing him even more. 211 more words


bison bones

The day I came to visit on the plains

Cattle grazed openly on the range

Like shaggy beasts moving

Motionless, their lowing carried

Lazily across the prairie and high… 59 more words


When DeadBeat Dads Become DeadBeat Granddads

My childhood was satisfactory sweetened by the overwhelming involvement of my two GRAND-Fathers. They truly were GRAND men and I love them with every quantifiable measurement of my energy. 336 more words


Nov. 30, 1968: Hymns to the silence.

We’ll go back and write about a calendar entry like we used to. Why not?

Too much of nothing, the poet says, can make a man ill at ease. 531 more words


A Celebration of Life

I awoke around 3 AM, hearing the sound of frantic footsteps and seeing lights creeping into my bedroom. Perplexed, I went outside. That was when I had received the news. 599 more words


Train tracks covered in lottery tickets

I can’t work out whether we checked the lottery ticket on the same day the car got stuck on the train tracks or if these are two stories I’ve stuck together with the glue of memory. 333 more words

Writing Prompts/Challenges


…We would come out and play, enjoying the outdoors,

Then nature commenced her rebalancing, bringing us to the verge of extinction.

…Your mom grew up inside a military fortress grandma and me architected.


By Ori Aander