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Anger after death.

I’m just going to jump right into this one.

I’ve been struggling off and on with quite a few things lately; one of the main ones being that, nearly 2 years after my grandmother passed away, her estate was finally settled in the most drug-out, slap-in-the-face way possible. 661 more words

Jumble It All Together

This is a story about what you get when you put together body work, psychopharmacology, lots of trauma therapy, and one very tired woman. 745 more words



Today is a difficult day. Sadly, it is the anniversary of my grandfather’s going home. It has been seven years since I’ve last held his hand, heard his voice, or talked to him. 575 more words



May Li and Friends is a comic strip. It follows the adventures of a group of elementary school kids, as they navigate school, home, and friendship. 48 more words

Death in the Family

I’m suppose to be cleaning. Doing laundry. Getting things ready for the days to come. Husband will be here soon and the house is a wreck. 328 more words


Five Talismans: #2 The Lapel Pin

It’s tiny, barely a quarter of an inch at its widest point. The edges are worn smooth by the years of use. It was old when it came to me from my uncle. 899 more words

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