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Pondering legacy and ‘greatness’.

This is a picture of my grandparents taken when they were in their 70’s.

Yes. They are a handsome couple! :-)

I won’t state their names, of course, but I wish to share an image of two individuals whom I hold in the highest of regard. 1,635 more words

This Writer's Life

Patience is a Virtue


“A piece of advice that has benefited me in my life? To be patient. I think that.. nobody really told me to be patient, but I took that model from my grandfather. 227 more words


Researching is not easy, that is why it is called a journey

First, have you visited the

We have a family reunion photo of my grandfather and others, and on the back it states, Family Reunion, Illinois. 1,108 more words

Stuck Duck, I'm tired of snow.

Yes it’s snowing again! Schools, businesses, entire cities shutting down. I’m not even in Boston. If you are near there, you have my most heartfelt condolences. 130 more words



my memories of you are fading

and i can’t believe how fast

and i am struggling to remember

everything of this fading past

and my innocence thought forever… 131 more words

The shoulders of a giant

Some of the beatings I experienced as a young child stopped  because of my grandpa, right here. His name is Faaolatane Sosaiete. He was the most handsome! 1,026 more words


Love Is Selfless

Hi Hao! Many do not know that my mom is part Chinese, but she has no idea where her paternal grandfather is. Her grandfather was brought to Samoa by the colonizers to work the plantations, had a son with a Samoan girl, and was shipped back to where no one knew. 695 more words