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Today’s the day for a little ode to Bumpa

Two years ago today we lost my grandfather. He was more than just a grandfather though, he was Bumpa. Someone I was lucky enough to have in my life for over 35 years. 524 more words

Three Poems

Knowledge is meant for cutting, so said Foucault, and cutting it does, for one cannot go back to the point where you did not know. 341 more words

“That’s when you shoplifted.”

I don’t handle death well. Not that I have too much experience with it, but the few times I’ve been forced to face it, I don’t feel like I’ve processed it all that well. 2,268 more words


Papa was a big man in stature and in voice.  His voice could carry the length of a river as he vociferously directed his grandsons to paddle while he fished, and no one could miss his reaction when an errant snake surprised him on a low-hanging bush. 1,121 more words



The street is familiar – I have been visiting here since a child.  It is always bathed in the jeweled peacock tones of eternal twilight. Trees of unimaginable height and beauty throng the neighborhood like sentient centurions they march across the landscape. 1,020 more words

Four Poems

I aim to write a poem a day.
Why not three?
What is the significance of one?
And am I actually wtiting poetry?
I don’t have the ego for it. 129 more words

Reality of the hunt

excerpt from Tom Brown’s Guide to Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants (1986)

It was in the summer of my twelfth year when Grandfather said that I must learn to hunt like a man. 2,720 more words