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Being 20

And there after on the 27th of August, as I cut this cake of my favorite flavor- HONEY CRUNCH I turned down 20!! My birthday is the most special day of my counted life,majorly for the reason that I get to celebrate an occasion which is purely dedicated to I, ME, MYSELF!! 512 more words


Movie Ticket Memories: Jaws 2

I finally bring Jaws Month(s) to a close with the first of a new series of posts spotlighting my favorite memories from various trips to the movies. 19 more words

August 28, 2016 | Getting Stung By A Scorpion

I am not sure how many dreams there were last night and which dream fragments go together, and so I will separate them as separate dreams. 922 more words


One less blessing


Hey Nana, can you hear me? I’m that precious granddaughter of yours that feels drowned in regrets. If you were still here, you would mock me and say “You are too young for regrets.” You would laugh at me. 902 more words


Proof 2016 Aug 28

Today I added John Adams (4th cousin 9x times removed or 9 generations back) and First Lady Abigail to the tree. I knew the connections just hadn’t figured the specific dates and names. 509 more words


and it was

and it was on nights as this

hot but not quite as hot

as it had been

a few brown leaves on the ground

promising those… 138 more words


Proof 2016 Aug 27

Thomas Burnham (10th great grandfather) was most likely a passenger on the Angel Gabriel in 1635. Thomas’s uncle Robert Andrews (mother’s brother) was Captain. The ship sailed from England directly into the… 104 more words