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Stabbing Pain

This morning my eyes opened. I didn’t necessarily want them to, but they did. In the fogginess of that chasm between being half asleep and half awake, for a millisecond, I forgot the reason I desired to stay asleep. 343 more words


Grandma on my mind

Since I connected the first piece of inktober to my grandma I have naturally been thinking a lot about her today, wow I miss her crazy much…my thoughts turned into a few verses about the last day she was alive. 252 more words


Butterflies and Sleeves

Fridge Art.  By Dudakin 1, age 4.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

What made her add all those colors?  Has she observed butterflies closely enough to know that the bright beauty that flits through the backyard has all that variation when you see it up-close and personal? 414 more words


Inktober starts today

I thought I would jump onto the event Inktober, here we go!

I will be following a list by @jakeparker :)

I have been thinking a lot about my grandma who passed away about a year ago, so I have associated “fast” with passing away to fast <3

Enjoy <3



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Broken things are usually discarded.

Sometimes, the thing that is broken is put back together. But it almost always shows proof somewhere that it was broken. 194 more words

Family Says Alzheimer's Has Made Grandma Happy All the Time

Maureen Barnett, 65, was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2003 and developed Alzheimer’s three years ago.The family, from Somerset, said it as though ‘a happy switch’ is permanently on…. 6 more words