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A love-letter to Grandma

Everyone loves their Grandma don’t they?  They’re possibly the most special person anyone lucky enough to ever have one has ever had, along with Granddads of course!   1,816 more words

For Nan (wherever you are)

Brenda moves with glacial elegance

Her dress floats and folds

Her partner has never looked better

The way they move together

Almost like making love… 350 more words


A Grandmother's Complaints

Tonight my mother asked if she should leave early, cut short her vacation time with us.

When asked what was wrong she complained that the children were always busy playing with toys or their friends. 211 more words

Grandma's Pork Belly Zongzi (粽子)

One of my all-time favorite Shanghainese specialties is one perfected by my Grandmother – Zongzi. Zongzi is sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaf (in this case, stuffed with pork belly but the filling can be sweet or savory).   622 more words


Day 254

Welcome back from vacation, mom and dad.  Glad you went on vacation without me… NOT!  But, grandma did an excellent job with you while we were away. 72 more words


Monday Links

I’m a bad blogger. I realized I left you all hanging last week with no links to check out this past weekend. For the most part, I write my posts the day they go live. 165 more words