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Grandma & Grandpa

Growing up I was never surrounded by the elderly. My maternal grandfather died when I was very young and my grandmother when I was 7, and I don’t have many memories of her because we lived in another city at the time. 346 more words


Angel from Heaven Sent

Ever since I can remember my grandma has called me her “angel from heaven sent”. When I was younger I never questioned it and enjoyed the term of endearment. 219 more words

Bill and Melinda

My grandma calls bill gates and his wife by their first names, arranging their successes around her neck like they somehow belong to her. Bill and Melinda have a property down that way. 166 more words


Living on Love- Sleep training stories for the weary 

Our 6 month old (now 7 months) as you have read previously had a rough start. She was super colicky and our only help we could offer was holding/rocking/walking/swaying. 363 more words


There will always be a special place in my heart for Heather.

She’s such a royal pain in the ass!! LOL!! But I love her. She’s just so hard to get a hold of, when you need her. 145 more words


Grandma Norma

Norma Jean. Grandma Norma. I don’t know where to begin with this woman. I credit her for teaching me piano lessons and for inspiring a love of genealogy. 632 more words

Helping Out In The Garden

Hellooo Moo here,

It’s been ages since I got a turn to write to you all, but I’m here now !! Grandma & Grandpa were busy all weekend out in the garden, Grandma says she is having a ‘war on weeds’ whatever that means. 106 more words

Cottage Life