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The sun is shining in my window
I can hear the morning bird sing
In my heart I’m feeling sorrow
I wish that I could feel the spring

Mary Francis Kierepka

Today is my mums birthday. I feel guilty I haven’t spoken to her.

I keep reminding myself it’s ok.

I keep thinking about the last conversations I had with her.

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Dimma's chanar daalna - Photoseries

Dimma turned 80 a couple of months back but her enthusiasm in the kitchen can give young cooks a run for their money. I love observing her in the kitchen while she painstakingly carries out each step for a dish she is making. 212 more words

grandma wants to stay home

Saturday morning.

I have bread dough rising.  I’m wearing a cute outfit and feeling young and healthy.  My daughter Sarah is in her own little world on the floor and I hear her say to herself as she busily works at taking a fancy dress off her doll, “I’m going to teach Bitty Baby to do a CARTWHEEL.”   I get the camera because she’s cute and she holds up her babies and sings, “Hi Grandma!!!!!!” 87 more words

A Simply Lovely Life

Over Yonder

I will see you over yonder
In that glorious land above
Where the sweetest of the angels
Guide us through the land of love

Mary Francis Kierepka

I Have Become The Fruit

Today is the day I learned I am becoming my grandmother.

My family and I have known this fact for years, but today I finally received the undeniable confirmation. 812 more words

Letters to Grandma

I can’t help but think about my grandma, especially when I get that instinct to call her and ask what she thinks.

I have written just a bit about it, but I am attending an evening course about how to start and manage my own business. 235 more words