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Is Age Just a Number?

“Who’s that old guy who keeps following me around?”

At first I didn’t know what my friend Gary was talking about.

Some friends and I were having lunch together last week. 592 more words


​One more time,

I want to hear grandma’s tales which took me to paradise but this time, I won’t return.

One more time,

I want to run at a pace which was never the fastest but this time, I still won’t stop. 67 more words


The Recliner

Today would have been my Grandpa’s 103rd birthday.  A few years ago my mom uttered this infamous – in our family – statement, “It makes me feel better knowing that if grandpa wasn’t already dead he’d be dead by now.”  She’s right.   565 more words


Are you looking? Ask. Seek. Knock.

Since a little girl, I have always desired God.  I’m not sure if it was because of a t.v. show I watched, the children’s Bibles our Grandma gave us, that we said grace before dinner, the little red Bibles we were given in elementary school or simply God Himself, but here I am at 38 years old and in the fullness of Jesus Christ.   1,331 more words

Grandma Carol

You know the saying ‘bad things happen in 3s?’ Well I am here to tell you that that theory is a bunch of phooey.

Here are the major bad things that have happened to my family so far in 2016: 728 more words

Meet The 72 Year Old Nigerian GrandMa Who Is On Facebook, Whatsapp And Instagram (Must See)

A 72-year-old Nigerian woman has become instant internet sensationafter a photo of her Facebooking went viral. The digital woman who according to reports, enjoys meeting people on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp could be seen on a chair fiddling with her tablet. 50 more words