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Grandma Diaries

Grandma sat me down yesterday and explained to me that I was going to be on an extended pup-cation this time because SHE was going to be traveling and working a lot and SHE wanted to make sure that I was being taken care of and loved a whole bunch… and who better to love me and take care of me than Grandma.   370 more words

Charu meets her Grandma (and the Aliens)

“Throw it away Charu! It might bite you!” screamed David running away from the beach back to the safety of his home. “Charu, it might hurt you, please throw it away.” He looked back and there was no one around. 1,326 more words


First day at school, 1967

As memories fade with age, they get more precious. As we slowly begin to lose the ability to remember where we put the car keys or the TV remote, we seem to remember ever more clearly certain events in our lives, even ones that go back 60 years. 995 more words

More Sunshine

On this day one hundred years ago, the first wave of American troops was sailing across the Atlantic to join the carnage of World War I. 1,361 more words

Birth Control and Grandma 

Saturday evening spent well in Atlantic City, NJ at the casino.

I’m here visiting my grandma, watching her gamble. She has no problem spending money to gamble. 244 more words


You gotta have friends!

It’s Saturday morning at Grandma’s and while Grandma is still “resting her eyes” (code words for sleeping…me and a few of my favorite friends are catching some extra cuteness sleep all snug in my bed…I call this my sleepover! 11 more words