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15 Grandmas Got Brutally Honest With Their Grandkids And It'll Make You Laugh Your Ass Off

Grandmas are usually stereotyped as sweet, mild women, but that’s not always necessarily true. What about the grandmas who are funny? Who are rude? Who are straight up savage? 207 more words

Appreciation of Moms and Gran-moms.

Moms are so beautiful, grand moms are so beautiful.

Their skin is weathered, and starting to wrinkle and stretch yet you look at them and all you can see are their souls. 345 more words

New Tricks for an Old Dog

The other day, I took Gran with me to visit my mom. Mom has this antique Chinese checkers board that she leaves out on display, so we play more often than most people. 320 more words


Granny’s Got Game

My dad owns a local tavern, and the other day, while my boyfriend and I were waiting on The Queen of Hearts drawing, I convinced him to play some pool with me. 165 more words


This Title Should have a lot of Swear Words

Last week, I talked about keeping people with Alzheimer’s/dementia busy with an activity, and this week follows in a similar vein. This is mostly about “use it or you lose it,” a motto… 251 more words


In My Life

I have so many journals from high school and college. I went through 5 of them the other night and found this clipping that my grandma had on her fridge, along with her handwriting and just sobbed. 89 more words