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Gifts from a grandma

Some of you may know, and some may not, my grandmother recently passed away.

It is a deep and painful experience, not only because I lost someone close to me, but because I lost someone that helped raise me, shared my childhood home, was always one of my heroes and taught me many of the skills and values I hold dear to me. 404 more words


#420: Watch What Happens When These Grandmas Smoke Weed For The First Time [Sorta NSFW]

By Nadia Noir

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got your Grandma high?

Probably the same thing that happens when you’re high: constant giggling, losing track of the conversation, crass quipping, wondering if you’re really high and then immediately feeling REALLY high, munchies (including that bag of Doritos you just can’t open), feeling like you are smiling, not caring, ironing for days, and mild Grandma-style swearing–which is what makes this video kinda NSFW. 22 more words


Debt of gratitude

That is what I owe my two grandmothers for instilling in me respect and curiousity about our family history. My parents as well, but as the matriarchs of our families, these two women have kept alive very important aspects of our family and culture. 165 more words


My Turn

I think it was the poet Shane Koyczan’s grandma who once said something to the effect of “I’m sad because it’s just my turn. I take my turn so someone else can have their turn to be happy.” It’s such a lovely sentiment and something I keep going back to because it reminds me that sad days happen to us sometimes and there doesn’t have to be a cause or a reason. 301 more words


Just Call Me Granny

One of our grand babies came to stay with us for her Spring Break.
We picked her up last weekend and got to play Easter Bunny. 95 more words


OH NO, Distractions have doubled each year!

So today I thought I needed to do a little upgrading on current real estate trends, hone those skills, and the one thing in the webinar that jumped out at me was a comment that in the past few years the distractions for real estate agents have doubled each year for the past 3 years and is expected to triple this year. 229 more words

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