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Happy Mother's Day Grandma

As a little girl I lived with my grandparents. I swear I was the happiest little girl, without a worry in the world. My grandparents were seriously the best caregivers and guardians I could ask for. 1,103 more words

First Year

Spring soon to end

Hello world! Three days have passed and I have not been able to go on my blog at all! I have to apologize :( . I ‘ve been working out and following every single thing on my workout challenge and I’ll be sharing some update photos this upcoming week. 263 more words


One Cool Granny

Let me introduce you to Melanie, she’s one very cool Granny. In fact, she’s only been a Granny for a couple of weeks – congratulations Mel!Melanie came to one of my crochet workshops a year or two ago. 141 more words


Share Your World - Week 1

As a child, who was your favorite relative?  My Grandma Pl.

If you could be a tree or plant, what would you be? I would definitely be tree.   92 more words


Connections: April 5

If life hands you lemons

or so I’ve heard it said

you should make lemonade.

(I’d make lemon pie instead.)

This grandma’s corollary

indubitably sound: 32 more words


Ode to Grandmas: Mom's First Exposure to Love

Growing up I had the unique experience of having three grandmothers: Grandma Adams, Grandma Miller, and Grandma Pettit. I was so fortunate enough to have my “blood” grandparents as well as my step-grandparents who took my brother and I into their nest of grandchildren and loved us unconditionally which in blended families may not always be easy. 1,063 more words

What is Your Favorite Memory around Food Growing up?

Food is a huge part of our lives! Everybody has to have a childhood memory of their favorite food, something a family member always made, a food tradition, etc. 383 more words