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Originally posted 02 May 2017

Try A Zumba Class

I just finished the series of Bucket list items that I completed prior to getting the book and let me tell you, I couldn’t be happier! 484 more words

Be About It


Knowing my ‘Thammu’ aka grandmom was the biggest blessing I ever had. I miss her every day, each hour because no one was as cool as her. 8 more words



I think of the title for my entry. And I call it love. Cuz sometimes, we just limit the definition of love. Love is really broad. 496 more words


Nothing to say . . .

I Have No Family History

It is interesting to ask people about their family memories. Many say, “I don’t have a story to tell.” or “I don’t know of any.” Funny thing is, there is always a story . 225 more words

Antique Photo

Grandma Traveled the World

Grandma traveled the world, at least in her dreams. When she came across the Old World Atlas she found it amazing. She was from the hills of Kentucky, she never traveled any more than to the next county. 158 more words

Antique Photo

A Special Sunday with Mom and My Munchkin

Yes it was Mother’s Day and I wish all the lovely Mommies a very Happy Mother’s Day(Belated). As a mother, I thought that spending an entire day with my Mom would be the most apt gift for her. 388 more words

Fashion And Beauty

The Silk Skirt

The molten afternoon sun pours into the living room, playing hide and seek with the furniture and the curtains.

I narrow my eyes into a piercing look that will somehow help me thread the sewing needle that is in my hand. 414 more words

Everyday Moments