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A hundred years

I am filling up an online form. When I am filling in the date, I accidentally type the year 1919 instead of 2019.

One typo error and my mind travels back in time to a hundred years ago. 591 more words

Everyday Moments

Floating Through

I’m still processing my Grandmom’s death. I asked my therapist yesterday, “How long does the sadness last?” He said, “The funeral was on Friday… well… it will last a while longer…” So, I float. 411 more words


A whiff of nostalgia

My daughter and I are out shopping. The mall is crowded with shoppers, all of them on a mission.

My daughter’s list is both simple and complicated. 411 more words

Everyday Moments


Originally posted 02 May 2017

Try A Zumba Class

I just finished the series of Bucket list items that I completed prior to getting the book and let me tell you, I couldn’t be happier! 494 more words

About Me


Knowing my ‘Thammu’ aka grandmom was the biggest blessing I ever had. I miss her every day, each hour because no one was as cool as her. 8 more words



I think of the title for my entry. And I call it love. Cuz sometimes, we just limit the definition of love. Love is really broad. 513 more words


Nothing to say . . .

I Have No Family History

It is interesting to ask people about their family memories. Many say, “I don’t have a story to tell.” or “I don’t know of any.” Funny thing is, there is always a story . 220 more words

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