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She Who Burns

She who burns at both ends.

She who worships the Sun and Moon.

She who belongs to the Earth and Her Oceans.

She who won’t back down. 187 more words

Wild, Witchy, Woman

She’s a Wild North Wind, mean with the men

Always coming round again, like a bear to the den.

She’s so Witchy and Wild, a Women Untame… 480 more words

Moonboat Ride

From Light to Dark,
From Above to Below,
As She Journeyed In the Spiral,
The Ocean’s Heart did Grow.

Her Wings took their form
As She surfaced through the Stars. 37 more words

Your invitation to the Wise Woman Bean Gealach Circle

I love sharing my practice with you through this blog, through my Facebook page and through other social media… but I also love learning from you all, hearing what you are doing in your practice, what rituals you follow, and interacting on a deeper level. 469 more words

Earth Medicine

The Roof Hole Stars

Wild hair blows in the crisp night breeze
Moonlight travel in the “Too cold!” freeze
Throat frost pain in the run to warm
Grandmother Moon looks down; no alarm… 45 more words


Native Moon Ceremony & Thomas King

I was very fortunate to take part in my first Native moon ceremony yesterday. Many thanks to Barbara H. and Elder D. for inviting me -and welcoming me with open arms – to such a spiritual and life-affirming event that is usually hosted by and for women. 497 more words

Thursday Thoughts 013: Water

Building blocks of life,

energies collide.

The spark begins, fanned by flames and passion.

Shadows turn, and nod.

Sight and sound dimmed.

Enveloped in life’s most precious, is our most sacred… 114 more words

First Nation Issues