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George's Marvellous Medicine - Roald Dahl (Book Review)

George’s Marvellous Medicine is a really fascinating book. It’s about how George tries to teach his wicked grandmother a lesson. He combines so many things, from all around the house. 47 more words

Put up or shut up, grandma

When my grandmother turned 80 she was living in an apartment complex for seniors, in a town not far from Lake Michigan. At some point during each visit, the two of us would take a long walk around the tiny lakeside town. 645 more words

That Thing with Feathers

by Willow Barnosky

Grandma cheats at Scrabble: “It’s a loanword and it appears in some English dictionaries,” just conveniently none of the ones that are on hand. 469 more words

Flash Fiction

To my great grandchildren,

My grandmother was extremely important in my life. Though I did not get to spend as much with her as I should have. I used to be so upset about missing out on time with her. 867 more words

Until I See You Again

She is both hellfire and holy water… and the flavor you taste depends on how you treat her.”

This quote, whomever originally said it, reminds me of you, Mommy. 871 more words


The Fascinating Painting

I had talked about a fascinating painting in my blog post (My Nani’s House (Poem)). This is the one I was talking about. I think it’s a copy of Raza’s signature style. 20 more words

Filter Kaapi(फ़िल्टर कIपी)

उन दिनों से काफी वक्त हो गया
दिल दिमाग सब कुछ रीत से सख्त हो गया
काश के तुम कुछ बंदोबस्त कर जाती
अपने गुज़िश्ता का तस्वीर छोड़ जाती। 316 more words