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Nostalgic taste-buds

A post on FB asked, “what makes you remember your grandma”. Made me think that remembering their love and care used to come via something unique these grandmas of my generation people had. 417 more words

Just A Thought

I didn't know

Do you remember…

The last time you did a cartwheel?

The last time you laughed with your best friend from school?

The last time you hugged your grandmother? 17 more words


Speaking for her grandma

I remember that sunny day,
she was collecting the garbages we had thrown
at the trash can inside the house.

I asked her if she has eaten something yet, 250 more words


Fleeting: The Translucent Ghosts of Memories Past.

Around 11 P.M yesterday, on my way back home from *****, my mind drifted to my grandmother. I remembered all of the things I should have when she died and in the backseat of a taxi – in all of the quiet and discomfort – I cried all of the tears I should have cried at her funeral.

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Short Stories

being granny

I have not written a post for almost a year.

Our daughter had a baby boy in April, 2018, and has been living with us. My husband created a wonderful space downstairs for them, but of course they are frequently upstairs with us. 385 more words


What a difference a day makes

It’s been a busy month. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, and everything in between. Last week were two particularly important dates for me, I gave one recognition with my last post, but the other I failed to give much attention to. 735 more words

Thoughts About Me

A Dream from Beyond

This weekend, I believe I had my first visitation dream…

Now, I’ve had dreams of friends and family that are still alive, but never one from a deceased loved one. 1,025 more words