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it's somebody's birthday

Today would have been my paternal grandmother’s 111th birthday!

Or as we like to call her— Grams :)

Grams had 5 kids and my dad was her baby. 575 more words



Sometimes we cry because of the caresser called catharsis. Sometimes we cry because of the aggressiveness in angriness. Sometimes we cry because of the seeping soul in sadness. 98 more words

One Lace Tablecloth

My grandma loved to crochet. Once, during a visit to Iowa with my dad in the late 90s, I admired the lace tablecloth on her table. 1,078 more words


Remembering my Grandmother Anne

Remembering my Grandmother Anne

When I was little she showed me how to dance in the kitchen. One knee raised arms bent 90 degrees at the elbow, wrists hanging limp. 1,970 more words

How I found out what Jasmine was

As children, we were taken to Bhadravathi every Diwali to celebrate Hiriyar Habba. It’s a festival to remember and honour the dead– in this case, my grandfather’s father and his father. 786 more words

Just a Minute

Aye! I love a good trickster tale. Just A Minute is so clever and memorable and features the bony Señor Calavera. If you want to learn more about calaveras, check out the book… 317 more words

Picture Book Reviews

Genetic's updates and the grandmother hypothesis.

Baby’s born. Has mother’s eyes, father’s nose.

So here’s the deal babe:

It’s not like a quarter of genes come from mother’s father.

Especially if are female, then more likely 65% of genome’s expression is nearly identical to mother’s and her mother’s, with the other 35% from father’s mother. 639 more words