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Pom Pom

Sitting on my front steps this morning, stealing a few minutes of quiet before lawnmowers and obligations, I enjoy my watered down coffee while breathing in all of the signs of life around me. 676 more words


Tinkering with Steampowered Dragons

Greetings gals and guys!!

Author David Lee Summers, who is also featured in Gaslight & Grimm, stopped by the blog today to share a bit with us from his corner of the world! 825 more words

Library Happening


This week, MJ’s grandmother passed away.  After what seemed a steady decline and a move into a therapy center, she suddenly sprang back to life and returned to her own home.   1,177 more words


Wall Talk

This is on the wall of one of my favorite people… 71 more words


This is why you shouldn’t celebrate Mother's Day.

Let’s think about this together, rationally.

Mothers are interesting characters in a person’s life.

Mine especially. She is one of the most interesting people I know, in a good way of course. 783 more words

101 Ways with Mince

101 Ways with Mince

If in doubt, get mince.

It never stops, this eating business, does it?

My grandmother gave me a present once, a long time ago, of a book called “101 Ways with Mince”. 43 more words

NaPoWriMo 2016 #27

Believer in Signs

Upon rising in the morning, the dreary window pellets of  Dawn’s still falling rain clinging to the frigid glass, I glanced out upon the lake, as is my custom … Across the mid distant clay completion of it’s surface, beyond the brushy bank, now green with grasses below the leafing river birch on their high banking perch … I took in, having waded out a good measure perhaps as much as a horse is long, the starkest white crane I have seen since my early childhood … When I was small we could encounter the Whooping Cranes often, wading in the salt flats near the tiny village where I was born … Yet, this ghostly apparent wandering light seemed no ordinary Blue Heron I have spied before and most certainly not in the drear of a rain … My eyes seemed spellbound to the creature. 187 more words