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I never knew her

I never had the chance to know her,
to feel her, to drink in the essence that was hers alone
I was too young and her song had been stilled… 229 more words

This is an excerpt from a project I am currently working on.

We were talking about adventures. Places we had gone, things we had done, people we had met. Memories made.

“I would have loved to go to the Holy Land. 582 more words

To Grandmother's House I Go

Country Music Festivals

Step 1 Buy the tickets

Step 2 Plan the transportation / tailgate crew

Step 3 Pick Outfit / Boots

Step 4 Buy Booze (and then get some more just incase) 1,132 more words


Grandma's Country Kitchen


4 cups cooked diced potatoes

3 hard boiled eggs, diced

1 small onion diced fine (sprinkle with a little sugar. Set aside.) 88 more words


Good granny, Bad granny. Part 2

Lil’s unorthodox views on being a granny are refreshingly honest, as she struggles to come to terms with not feeling quite as she should about her grandchildren.  703 more words


Good granny, Bad granny. Part 1

Lil’s trip to the west coast of America causes her to re think her values of swearing and being a grandmother, much to the consternation of her long suffering daughter and son in law… 493 more words



Grandma, as you all know, had only one sister—Aunt Marian, who was four years her senior. While our family interacted with Aunt Marian’s more than Grandma’s other siblings, it was certainly not because those two sisters were similar in their likes, dislikes or opinions. 653 more words