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Chicago's Most Popular Ghost: Resurrection Mary

As a lifer in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, I have taken many trips along the roads, Resurrection Cemetery and the Willowbrook ballroom to find Mary…no luck so far but continue to do so when I hear there may be new sightings. 508 more words

Baby Boomers



More than 40 years ago, Simon & Garfunkel recorded a song on their album, “Bookends.” It was a minute and a half piece about a photograph that said, “Preserve your memories. 346 more words



Kindness is my grandmother
How she smiled with her eyes
Handed out chocolates to strangers
At the supermarket
In the hospital
Walking up and down Broadway… 106 more words


Measuring Sticks (Suffering is not a Competition)

I don’t really like church. I wake up on Sunday mornings and try to talk myself out of going. While I  dilly-dally over breakfast, playing online Scrabble, I tell myself there are other, more productive things I could do, 895 more words

Loss Gloss Boss


So- I’m just going to put this out there to the universe that maybe if it could stop with the making-people-I-love-drop-dead shit that’d be great. 395 more words


The Ode to the Grandmas

I love both of my grandmothers so much.

See, grandmas are only fun when you are little and when you are older. And I’m at the stage where I appreciate and love them so much. 558 more words

My Crazy Redneck Family

Dear Grandma, I Know You’re No Longer With Me But You Deserve to Know This

You had been my best friend all this time. From when I was a baby to a lady. Life got messy at times. My boat wasn’t always steady. 476 more words