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Another memory - of my grandmother's house

My grandmother lived during most of my childhood in East Sussex, southern England. We often visited her for a few days in her old cottage (which, sadly, is no longer standing); and in this poem I recall one of the memories I have of her house. 158 more words

Human Experience

Dead People Dreams

Last night I dreamt about Grandma (Dad’s mom, she of the pill suitcase).

Do you ever dream about dead people? No, that sounds a bit too Sixth-Sense-ish…I guess I should should ask, “Do you ever dream about people who have died?” 601 more words


The Most Beautiful Woman In Town

My grandmother was born in Biano, Italy and when she was 16 my grandfather came into the town and she was the most beautiful woman in the town. 199 more words


Goodnight, Blue Eyes

Hi, so my grandmother was probably way before her time.

She was divorced in the early 1940s and she went to work. And she always told me to be self sufficient and to make sure that I was able to stand on my own feet and be able to support myself. 74 more words



I lived with my grandparents for an entire year when I was in Kindergarten, and my Yiayia took the opportunity to spoil me like it was her job.

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One-Earring, Scarf-Clashing Meemaw

Well, there’s something I haven’t seen in awhile. An ashtray! Meemaws of yore loved to get their smoke on. Her hair is AMAZING. Do you think it’s a wig, or she spent all night with frozen OJ cans in her hair? 140 more words


Live more, Clean less.

My grandma was born in 1929 and was married after the end of WWII. She and my grandpa bought their first house in 1951 and pretty much every week since then she spent her Saturday morning cleaning. 308 more words