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I miss Baba so much. I think the most I’ve missed her since she died November 18, 2012. There is so much I want to ask her. 759 more words

The Dream Bird -  Aleesah Darlinson/Emma Middleton

Wombat Books

ISBN: 9781925563337

Release: 1 April 2018

Price: $19.99 Hardback

For a family of insomniacs no explanation is needed about the difficulties sometimes of going to sleep – no matter how busy the day, or the level of tiredness. 243 more words

Childrens Books

"Let Me Finish...I'm Trying To Tell You But You Won't Let Me Finish."

Let’s talk about The Duchess. Not the movie but the person I call The Duchess who is my Grandfather’s Mother (So my Great Grandmother on my Mom’s side). 212 more words

Break the Monotony: Summertime Activities for the Kids

Melissa Purcell, who wrote in 2014 on her blog My Humorous Mommy Life! about some of the summertime activities to keep kids busy.

Homemade Slime:  381 more words


Hardy folk: researching the lives (and deaths) of my female ancestors

Luanne at The Family Kalamazoo recently wrote two really interesting posts about the deaths of her grandmothers and great grandmothers (1).

In the first, she said: 1,606 more words

Genealogy And Family History


Clitoris: (n) a small sensitive and erectile part of the female genitals

Honestly, I think Webster should have defined “clitoris” as “women’s intuition.”

For years we have touted that the female of the human species seems to possess some great insight or sensibility about coming affairs. 193 more words

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I Have a Half Mind to Donate My Brain to Science

Every year, thousands of Americans donate their brains to science. Dara Bramson‘s grandmother will be one of them. Since Bramson was a child, her grandmother Marge Pearlson has carried a plastic replica brain in her purse as a prop and conversation starter. 184 more words