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"For She is the Tree of Life"

“Either in the joy of her caring or the sorrow of her criticism, women find healing. Grandmother is rarely a neutral moniker.” Valerie Kack-Brice

I purchased…

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Life Among the Dinosaurs

Have you ever experienced a moment when you realized you are older than you thought? I had one of those recently as I read a children’s book from the early 1990s to my young grandson, Noah. 478 more words


Exposures: Thoughts of Mary

When March opens its doors, thoughts of Spring bulbs go hand-in-hand with thoughts of Mary.  I always found great surprise and delight in my grandmother as a character study.  99 more words


What Does Home Look Like?

Good Morning.

Have signed on for the WordPress Photography Class.

Day One Assignment: Home & Getting Oriented

Assignment One: Home is elusive. When we think about this word, we might picture different physical locations. 164 more words

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Go n-eírí an bóthar leat

One of the many lessons that I learned as a kid is that everything comes into being and passes away. My maternal grandfather died when I was too young to remember, and our family Schnauzer, Muffin, died protecting us from one of the neighbor’s dogs that managed to get out. 1,388 more words

Stupid American

My Image of Christ: Day 12

My Image of Christ

Day 12

The “I want to feed you”


I often find this form of Spirit

plays out

in human form… 26 more words