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gratitude for grannies haiku

Their names were Mildred and Mary. They were my rocks.


Post Script To Strange

I have read this morning’s post a couple of times now that I’m awake, and decided I will no longer write while sleeping.  I should write that statement on a blackboard at least 100 times, but since I don’t have one present now, I’ll just try to remember.   559 more words


A "word" on house guests.

 As I have made mention here previously, I’m not a native Southerner.

With that being said, my family and I had our first group of official houseguests this year.  1,032 more words

Matt MacDonald

M is for "memorize"

Dictionary.com defines “memorize” as “to commit to memory; learn by heart”.

I learned so many wonderful things by heart on this date in 1973, as my husband and I welcomed our baby son into the world. 282 more words


Does Ikea have 'grandmother issues'?

Taken along to amuse my 11 month old grandson while my son and daughter-in-law debated the merits of Ektorp vs Ekenas, I was having a grand old grandmother time! 210 more words


A to Z Family Stories: N for Nona, Storybook Grandma

Nona, her name, or at least the name she was willing to tell us. Her “real” name had something to do with Rosa or Rosabelle but she was not going let us call her that and never explained why to our satisfaction. 661 more words


I'm A Grandma! GRANDMA!!!

Hot off the presses on Tax Day 2015…another originally silly bit.



I’m a cool old lady with a wrinkly face,

I walk a little slower than my youthful pace. 479 more words