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I Just Realized I'm Old

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

“Lisa I just realized I’m old. How did that happen?” Mom says.

I say, “Beats me. You may be up there chronologically but you sure don’t act it. 323 more words

Family Life

Influencers in Breastfeeding

In an recent article I read posted on Gold Lactation Conference site, I read about the importance of grandmothers in the breastfeeding process.  Living by experience and sharing it from one generation to another. 57 more words


Safe on a Missionary Ship

My mother prefers to drown her grief with a cup of tea.

Now seventy-seven years young, she trusts pool depths only to one metre at the swimming class she attends.

796 more words
Kathryn Yuen


There is a sound
that grandmothers make
that is full of memories.

I heard it on the bus today
returning from Sapporo Station.

I think grandmothers use it everywhere… 31 more words

George Polley


I have a great view, not so great weather. Live in a building overlooking a lake. Don’t worry, I’ve boots and shoes and coats for everything because we lived in the Rockies and are ready for even Mud Season (called Spring everywhere else but the Rockies). 411 more words


The bridal shower - "a consumerist American idea"

Wedding season is upon us and so are the many rituals that surround the big-day.

For some couples, especially when it is the second (or third or …) time around then many rituals are set aside. 705 more words


MOTHERS DAY JUST PASSED,  LET  US REMEMBER OUR  MENTORS.AND MOTHERS AND GOD MOTHERS. Remembering the ones  who held us dear,  and  strengthened us and built us  up so we could be the best we could be.  https://soundcloud.com/riveroflifelisajoy/happy-birthday-yaya-sunshine