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Saying Goodbye

This is nothing new. People die everyday. We could all die tomorrow. There are never any guarantees. Ever.

Why such a grim beginning to a painting blog post? 118 more words

Life Advice from People Over 60 Years Old

Anyhow, I was saying that the old ladies were telling us stories when we were kids; I apologize for not being able to tell you any of those stories that my mother and my grandmother were telling me, they were good stories for us kids, since we kids would hear them many times and still we were interested in them, perhaps we were waiting for the heroes of the stories to do what they had to do to have their ways; but today I have forgotten most of these stories, therefore I am not able to tell you any of them. 564 more words

Her death was good news

I had always known my grandma to be a strong, God-fearing woman who gracefully walked through her simple life in small-town Kentucky. Born, raised, married, and retired in the same town with a population of half the number of people in my high school. 1,230 more words

What Will the Grandparents be Called?

You have discussed baby names, registered for all the necessary gear and started to design the nursery. As new parents, you have a lot to prepare for in only nine months. 425 more words


Waiting on Lennon Jane

Dearest little Lennon Jane,

It looks like today will be the day we get to see your sweet face. Knowing you will arrive makes me look around and think about what’s right in the world and what really matters. 308 more words

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

I’ve wanted to write this blog entry for a long time. Hell, I’ve wanted to write this entry since before there were blogs. I think because of how young I was when it started, I’ve never really understood it. 662 more words

Reciprocal Relationships

A long time ago, Mr. MPB and I instituted an rule that if family members make an effort to visit and know us, we will make an effort to visit. 797 more words