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You're Not Good for My Child

Oh boy am I fired up tonight! It has come to my attention recently that my child’s biological grandparents are under the impression I am an evil person because I’m not allowing contact with him. 1,027 more words

April 2016

long weekend

 Cooper and Grandpa after swimming lessons.

The weekends don’t come much better for Lisa and I. We got to see all of our children. It is  good to see them doing well. 115 more words

My Faithful Gardener 

His callous hands that are the product of hard work and diligence dig into the soil. He has just unearthed a giant chunk with his pitchfork and placed it to the side. 562 more words


The Considerate Atheist

It’s no secret that I am an atheist. I don’t go around flaunting it, but I don’t hide it either. I was raised in a catholic household, my extended family, aunt’s, uncle’s cousins… Are of the Roman Catholic faith. 594 more words

H.A.V.E. love, give love

So, we did it.  We posted our page and our fledgling thoughts and dreams on facebook so that Ej would have a place to start in us realizing this dream we have.   308 more words


When life throws a curve ball

It has been over a month since I’ve shared anything I have written and when I saw today’s prompt, “Curve”, I knew it was time. 842 more words