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The wisdom behind detachment with love

My Grandmother is 84 years old. Her childhood was spent during the Great Depression in rural Ontario. Of course, like many during this time period, Grandma learned what it was like to go without, and not to take anything for granted. 715 more words


ik 65 for March 2015 wp

ik 65
for 3.30 March 2015

as a grandparent
I’m taking another turn –
it is easier

knowing that I am not waking
in the middle of the night… 86 more words



I’ve never really liked hospitals. If you think about it, there are very few good reasons to be in one. Babies being born, diseases or conditions being cured I suppose. 366 more words


Grandma's Hands

When many memories have faded

And I can no longer remember the voice.

When at last the familiar scents

Have long since dissipated.

Sitting here in the place… 64 more words


terribly right

I did the right thing, the legal thing, the safety conscious thing, and I’ve felt terrible ever since.

She looked scared, and confused, as I pulled my truck in nose-to-nose with her Outback, and I wasn’t surprised that she waived me over as soon as I stepped out into the parking lot.  967 more words


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I posted a story over at Stories That Must Not Die today, and, as always, would appreciate your feedback... This one was tough for me. Not to write, but to live it, and to live with my decision afterwards.

Successful Living

By Sylvia Dickson

The Kindergarten teacher welcomed her new class with a bright smile. After the class was seated, she asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” One after another the children answered: fireman, nurse, doctor, wife, daddy, teacher. 567 more words

Christian Boarding School

Grandkids and Greenhouses

During a recent visit with our grandchildren, Bruce enlisted their help with the foundation for our new solar greenhouse.

Bruce is happy to make use of Brit’s levelling skills. 73 more words