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♥ Coming to terms with the impending death of a grandparent ♥

After 21 years of being fortunate enough to not have had to deal with the death of anyone close to me, I have recently been told that my eldest grandfather may only have a couple of months left to live. 609 more words


Grumblings of a Granny: “Let them eat dirt”

Here’s another classic blog post from my Mum. It’s pretty much her just moaning again about how good/bad/different things were in the ‘old days’. Yes, we know life was tough. 537 more words

To her more sane half

To those who knew him,

I adored growing up around my Great Grandpa, Lester Bouvee. To all the grandkids, he was funny, kind, and caring: what all grandfather’s should have looked like. 624 more words


It’s been ten years
My dearest mother
Since I said goodbye to you
It’s been hard
You know
Yet I have survived
Missing you so much… 162 more words

Bag o Tricks: No. 3

No. 3

“Would you be Willing…”

Caring for children has taught me patience and polite manners. “Would you be willing to grab me a spoon so I can scoop you some yogurt for snack?” often elicits a happy helper, and also allows them the option to say “No” if they are busy. 153 more words

Ali - My older brother

I will start by saying: these bloggs about my childhood trauma I’m  telling you guys; is a heavy topic. Sensitive people and minors are advice to not read this. 1,295 more words

Post Sea

Who's it for? 

If you stop doing it solely for yourself, you’ll act with more intension. Push yourself for your kids. Push yourself for your mom or dad. If you have grandparents that you love, think about them whenever you get tired or feel like giving up. 32 more words