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A Different Perspective

Jayden gets the lion’s share of write-ups but I do have other grandchildren that can lay equal claim to my heart. Last week I received a packet in the mail from my older son and his family in Maryland, a packet full of letters and pictures that were all equally wonderful…but there was one image that really fascinates me. 98 more words


The Aftermath of Mother's Day

I survived Mother’s Day, and this year it wasn’t horrible.

I’ve shared before that I don’t love this particular holiday, but we faced a new problem this year. 364 more words


Being someone's mama

Musings on motherhood popped like spring blossoms last weekend, but my favourite sentence of the ones I read came from Mary Karr: “Despite the lacy, sugar-spun horse hockey around this particular holiday, being somebody’s mama does crowbar your heart open in the deepest way.” 227 more words


Addy and Gramps

Addy is most content these days being outside. She has a relentless mantra to whoever will listen…”outside, outside?”  On Mother’s day we gathered at Dan and Jamie’s and Addy tried to coax me into taking her outside and Gramps came to the rescue to take her outside while the preparations for our late afternoon meal were completed. 299 more words

Addyson May

Escape from the Ivory Tower

Where did I leave off? Hmm … right … me in the Ivory Tower – the university years. Between 2005 and 2009, I maintained a weight of 205 lbs. 476 more words

Weight Loss Story

Grandmother's Day

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wrote this post last year.

This year, of course, was different for me. On account of  my mom passing away at the end of February. 506 more words


Gramma Braggin'

This little guy is a joy and a treasure. I get the whole grandma thing now. I watched our granddaughter at his age about 5 years ago for short while but at the same time I was nursing our own daughter and raising an active older son so could not enjoy just loving on a baby one on one. 80 more words