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Adult Swim

I tried to write this post last week, but there was a glitch with the app and my content was deleted. There was no time to recreate it, so that’s why it is so delayed. 274 more words


Spring Break Thoughts

During Spring Break, I took my girls and drove to visit some family in another state. I was really looking forward to this visit because I would get to see my grandparents. 361 more words


On a Pedestal: My True Role Models

It is not easy to see a person who you are used to be with all the time go.  Some times it happens for reasons we can not change ourselves.  469 more words


A Home Like No Other

A barn, covered in overgrown vegetation. Overgrown, yet perfectly placed. Behind it, a garden that has seen thousands of strawberries, beans, and other great things. Grown by my Grandparents. 544 more words

Notes From The Frogpond

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Grandparents

Every Sunday we have an appointment to keep. We try to time it around Baby B’s dinner when we know he won’t be too tired and will be kept occupied so he sits still. 1,277 more words


Tied To The Past

Many times I sat in awe listening to stories my great aunt would tell of her childhood and former life in Germany. Often it would be as my grandmother, her sister, sat, listened and agreed. 914 more words

Sharing Our Stories

The longer I live overseas and raise TCKs, the more I firmly believe my husband and I must tell stories from our childhood. We must connect them to our family “back home” in some way. 540 more words