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The Original Storyteller and The Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

My grandfather is the reason this blog exists. He told wild, interesting, funny stories to me before I could speak. My Granddad spent my childhood captivating audiences and his family. 1,133 more words


Seriously. It Tastes Like Chicken

“It tastes like chicken.”

What a lie.

Or not, really.  It tasted like chicken because it was, well, chicken.  But here’s the thing.  I was just joking and now I have to perpetuate the lie until the child is 18 so he won’t be mad at me…… 2,186 more words

Daily Life

To Nanis, Nanus, Mausies And Mamus

Whether you are one day old or 50 years old, your mother’s touch is all you need for comfort and your father’s reassuring look is all you need for a peaceful mind and your sibling’s presence is all you need to make your surroundings perk up. 771 more words

Wedding Wednesday: final fittings, purchases, final touches

This is it, only one more Wednesday left before the big day! I fly out of a Victoria with my roommate daughter tomorrow, arrive in Kingston from TO via Via Rail and go immediately to two wedding meetings. 379 more words

Travel Plus

Children at the Gate , Democrats latest Victim, the hardhearted Conservative view

In 2014 a bewildered President Obama asked congress for 3.7 billion dollars. He stated this money should be considered an act of human compassion. You see President Obama was faced with some 70,000 children at the border with no families at all. 908 more words

A Glimpse of Paradise

When I was a little girl, there was no place more enchanting, more relaxing, more rejuvenating for my mind, body, and soul than grandma’s house. Whether for a weekend, a week, or the whole summer, be it alone or with my brothers, it was my escape from the real world. 950 more words