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A Beautiful Thread

The people of the earth are woven together like the threads of an enormous tapestry. Some threads are weight-bearing, and, if pulled, could cause the entire tapestry to fall to shambles. 3,652 more words


Summer vacation with Grandma & Grandpa: Part 1

The last weekend in July, Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Don flew to DC from Ohio to spend a long weekend with us. (Yeah, we’re a little behind on blog posts!) Noah and I met Grandma and Grandpa at the airport that Thursday. 459 more words

Fun Outings

Why Grandparents Rock

Like many internet-savvy moms, I am apart of many “mom forums” and groups on websites like thebump.com and facebook. We use these outlets to ask questions and get second opinions from more experienced moms, as well as we use it to vent. 619 more words


Not in my name, Mr Cameron

It can be difficult for those of us with comfortable middle class lives to understand what compels people to leave their homes and flee to other places. 667 more words


Celebrating grandparents day with Karisma

It has been one of those mornings. I was kind of getting a late start anyway. And then I had problems with my internet. I think we’ve figured that out. 170 more words

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What's On Your Child's Phones?

Today we live in the times where many of us Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat our every move of our lives. Our children have phones and have access to social media and basically spend a lot of time texting their friends. 282 more words


Pictures of Love

Your Kingdom is a Kingdom for all ages,
and your love endures through all generations.

Psalm 145:13

When our granddaughter spent the night with us a few weeks ago, she spent a good deal of time thumbing through the photo albums we keep on our coffee table. 204 more words