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Could senior porn guide a young Japanese society?

After looking up elderly care for my last post,  I came across the phenomenom that is Shigeo Tokuda. Sometimes branded as the King of Elderly Porn, he is a star in the field of Japanese adult entertainment. 186 more words


The Smell of Childhood Memories

The breeze shifted the other day and something made me think of home.Some faint fragrance triggered childhood memories. We live in such a hyper-visual age that it’s easy to forget how impactful our sense of smell is. 527 more words


Happy birthday Daddy!!!



Dear Ones,

Keri here: After all the close Pickett’s were gone I lost touch. Kim was better about keeping up with the Pickett side. Although a part of my past, after I closed up the house, the rest of the family fell off my radar. 527 more words

Keri Pickett

Do not be anxious...

By Caitlin, The attempting-to-be-happy Rope Contributor

Warning: This is not the happiest thing you will ever read, but hopefully it will help you during some of life’s struggles. 781 more words

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Y’all it’s snowing. Like for real snow, not ice, not sleet, not cold rain. It’s flipping SNOWING. I understand that for people raised in the North, or even above Louisiana, that snow comes around every year. 268 more words