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My Father Who Wasn't, Part Three: There Was So Much That Was Beautiful

Dear Alexandria and Mary Ellen,

It is true that I was wary of, even feared, my father’s side of the family.  But, there were times when our emotions called a truce and good memories made their appearance.  964 more words


Random Topic: Loving the Elderly

Let me just start off that I love my grandparents, and where ever they are now I hope that they may rest in peace.

My title pretty much gave you a summary of what I’m going to talk about. 886 more words

Random Topic

But did she wash the pan?

I w0ke up to a bang.  I listened to hear what it may have been.  The banging continued.  It was familiar.  I heard a tap run every once in a while and doors bang closed.   786 more words


Losing Grandpa Verl

As you grow up, isn’t it true that you expect the people around you to always be there? Our childlike optimism seems to grant immortality to every person we love. 245 more words

Family History

Only fools rush in

I’ve blogged about bad boys before. A friend’s comment on Facebook reminded me of them again. Girls only fall for the bad boys, she said rather regretfully. 832 more words


Gramps, his later years

My grandpa’s life interwove with mine for a total of 26 years. I wish I could weave a story that makes the last half as magical as the first half, but I can’t. 452 more words


Grandfather’s Treehouse Takes DIY To New Heights

Attleboro, Massachusetts contractor Jay Hewitt has certainly “branched” out from the everyday DIY projects and hacks we’ve seen trending these days. This grandfather has designed and built a mind-blowing three-story, 780-square-foot treehouse for his 5-year-old grandson and 4-year-old granddaughter. 223 more words