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It's all part of the same family

Tonight we had a wonderful happiness moment in the form of a family supper. Jacob and I came late to the party as we wee back in urgent care getting his ribs checked (again). 182 more words


The Precious, Cool Nostalgia

Hidden in a tin

In the back of the heart pine cabinet.

Its little black latch a trial for pudgy fingers, were

Valentine’s Day cookie cutters— 282 more words

Long Ago

Note: I wrote this on December 22nd, 2015 after a visit while I was home for the holidays. Being the holidays, I was busy and got distracted before I could put it up. 929 more words


Family Reunion across the Rainbow Bridge 


I recently wrote a post about my 14 year old girlie Zelda and how I felt some sadness of the passing of the years. 222 more words

I Will Always Carry You

In the beginning,
I didn’t know
Just how much I’d love
Watching you grow?

In the beginning
I just knew
I wanted you to know me… 253 more words


Happy Valentines Day Mom

Without You

Without you there is no world
No double-knot shoelaces
No clip-on ties
No honey sandwiches
No answers to my whys.

Without you there is no world… 101 more words