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When I was about 7, I often played games in our yard with four pals who were one or two years older than me.

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Chinese Teens


Or Jack, as he was usually known.  He was our Mum’s Dad, and he died when I was twelve.  He and Sallie came down from Wallasey to live with us in Chorleywood when I was seven, so I have clear memories of them both, but perhaps understand them better from an adult perspective – and with the benefit of some research. 1,669 more words

Creative Writing

The Next Chapter

One way to think about our lives is to break our years down into chapters.  Looking back, most of us will see happy chapters, sad chapters, challenging chapters and if we are honest, chapters we wish could have been left on the editing room floor. 87 more words

Proud Daddy

"Your Life" Fritz Family | Sept 2018

I always say, you know you are truly North Dakotan when you have a person in common with every person you meet, and that is how I came to meet the Fritz family. 48 more words

Happy 90th Birthday Tha Tha

There is some magic in the air today. Some brightness in the sky, some imagination hidden within the light plumes of cloud that invoke the idea that you have uncapped potential waiting to be released. 1,052 more words


#Gratitude January 19

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North Carolina

Melancholy Memory (original poetry by me- March 2012)

As I reach into the past,
thoughts come flooding into my head.
All these memories in my grasp.

When I was five I thought life could last. 100 more words