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Lessons From a 2-Year-Old

There are few things more humbling than time with a 2-year-old. I am one of the lucky ones who is privileged to be able to do so every day when my dear wife and I pick her up from daycare and then tend her and her older sister until Mom arrives home from work. 677 more words


Photos of Brogdon Family History

Photograph by: Delaney Gebhart 

A few months ago my grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Can you believe it? Pretty sweet ill say! My parents had asked me to use my skills to scan in the old images into a slide show to play during their party. 60 more words


Muggy Monday

I was off today and it has been one of those rainy, humid Georgia days where you just want to be lazy and stay inside. It’s been a very laid back day, we all need those from time to time. 354 more words


2 Decades Worth of Shared Birthdays

Tomorrow marks a milestone: I will have been alive for 2 decades. It will also mark the 67th birthday of my Gemini twin, a myth, a legend, a French Canadian, and the topic of two different college entrance essays: the man the world calls “Uncle Danny” and I call “Poppy.”  Now he’s been alive exactly 47 years longer than me, so it seems fitting that he would have passed along some advice to me. 500 more words


Full Moon in Sri Lanka

So here we are, hot and humid. It’s May in Sri Lanka. Not the best time of year to visit this beautiful island in the sun. 548 more words

Do You Pay Your Family To Watch Your Kids?

I always thought it was a given that grandparents just watched the kids. Not the case. Heard a story this weekend that a grandma (by the way I have to be vague so I don’t, quote, “make things awkward”) 112 more words


“Raymondos” - an exercise in writing dialogue - Arvon non-fiction course 2017 at Totleigh Barton

“Raymondo’s” – original version

My nan was great fun to be around. When my brother and sister were small she used to pretend that they were top hairdressers in their salon called “Raymondos” she would get all of her hairdressing accoutrements out of the cupboard and Sarah and Stephen would do her hair for hours on end. 285 more words