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Selfie @ Bendeemer, after Sunday lunch at 奶奶’s house.


Playdates and hospital

So just a little update about today.  So my No Man’s Sky blog will be up hopefully tomorrow but I haven’t had the chance to finish it today because Gareth hogged the playstation all morning and we then went to Xander’s friends house or a little playdate which was neat. 75 more words

Who's To Blame?

In my honest opinion, my Romanian mother is the last person we should blame in this situation. She was betrayed by a lot of adults that should have been standing by her side. 1,103 more words


My inspiration

One of my biggest inspirations this year has to be my 72 year old Grandma.

2016 has not been the best year for my family and the reason for the revolves around my grandma. 417 more words

When is Monty going to nursery?

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate…despite living in the South West when I conceived Monty (I’m a brummy really), the stars aligned to enable me to not only transfer my job, my husband and my life back to Birmingham, without much of a hitch (we’ll ignore the two houses that fell through on the way) – why did we move? 390 more words


The Visit (2015)

Found footage style movie from M. Night Shyamalan (of Sixth Sense fame) about two kids who go to stay with their grandparents only to realize that things are not all they first appear. 257 more words