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Thank you for sharing your time with me. 20 more words


#Believe in Your Convictions

Holiday Funny

Mother to 5 year old daughter: “Would you like to wrap your friend’s birthday gift?”

5 year old: “I don’t know where the paper is?” 228 more words

Of epistles and epistolary connections

We are surrounded by words, we use words to connect with others. How many people write letters (=epistles) or for that matter long emails in the age of WhatsApps, which is the opposite of instant and needs some time to be responded to. 576 more words

It Happened To Me

#670 The bond they still share part 2

“Mama!” she exclaimed from the backseat of the car this morning. “Flowers! Two flowers for Baka and Deda!”

That’s right. She had picked a couple of yellow flowers from our yard while out and about bouncing on the trampoline before breakfast – possibly weeds, yet still bright and sunny-like – and had specifically told me that “this for Baka, and this for Deda.” 360 more words


The Kitchen is Still Under Construction

Why should this renovation be any different?  The clients are complaining that the walls are not squared off and they are still in the process of picking out tile.   41 more words

This Christmas, take a minute to appreciate just how lucky you are.

As I sit here in the comfort of my air conditioned lounge room on a Friday night, having just shared a lovely meal with my Grandparents, I have to pinch myself and smile. 476 more words

The Lighter Side Of Things...

When and where were your mother’s mother and father born? What was her mother’s maiden name? Describe the kind of persons they were.

My grandmother (on my mother’s side) was born in Richmond, Virginia. Her maiden name was Walker. My grandfather (on my mother’s side) was born in Washington D.C. 384 more words