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It Takes Two

Grandpa LeClercq was not out on the farm by himself.  Grandma kept their home and provided farm-house meals.  Many of my memories from the farm include tables full of food… including a variety of homemade pies.  367 more words

Opposites Attract

I heard that opposites attract. This was true of my Grandparents who died when I was six years old. Grandpa was strong and composed and Grandma was outgoing and full of energy. 391 more words


Grandpa Knows

lad fingers letters
carved in antique desk—TL ?
grandpa will know


Flavors - A Tale of Tough Choices

Cold rain drops sting the back of his neck as he rushes from his car to the store entrance. He darts straight to the frozen section and makes the call, hoping she’s still lucid. 985 more words


Babysitting — Grandparents and Grandchildren

Is babysitting grandchildren healthy?

According to a study reported by Women’s Health Aging Project in Australia, postmenopausal women who watched their grandchildren one day a week had a lower chance of getting Alzheimer’s Disease. 461 more words


Dating in mid life

My husband and I have been married for 17 years. We started dating 21 years ago. Eleven years ago we added Grey to the family, and eight years ago Thane joined in. 672 more words



I strut down the alley on a summer’s day
With the wind in my hair
I see her sitting by the window
An unmistakable sparkle in her stare… 128 more words