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Travels from My Childhood: Memories That Still Linger On...

Let’s go back … no, not to the future because no matter where you are in the world the future looks bleak. Instead, let’s go back to a time when things were simpler, travel was easy, airplane seats came with little ashtray slots in the armrests, people were friendlier irrespective of where you came from, and it was easy to adopt someone at the spur of the moment while flying thousands of miles up in the air… wait what? 1,324 more words




Shengliver’s Note: This member of the fresh generation feels strongly about the way her grandparents showers love upon her.

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Chinese Teens

Not So Ordinary

My maternal grandmother (nani from hereon) who is 77 was recently admitted in the hospital after a heart attack. Her age made me realise that she had my mother, her eldest child, at an age which can be called quite late for those times. 389 more words

Life As I Know It

When things get rough and I see no end to the rough patch in sight, I hear Papaw’s voice echoing in my head telling me I’ve gotta put my big girl panties on, lift my head up, and handle shit. 66 more words


What is your happiest childhood memory?

My happiest childhood memories always involved my grandparents (Mama Zee, Papa Frankie, and Big Nanny). If I had to choose the memory that evokes the most positive feeling, it would have to be the week I spent with Mama Zee and Papa Frankie (by myself) one summer. 266 more words

Grandma and Grandpa Hart

Finley’s grandparents, otherwise known in the Everwood as the Ancient Guardians, are pivotal to Finley’s life and story. As the perpetrators of most of the family secrets and dynamics that were discussed during Monday’s post, I think they deserve to be explored on their own, if only to give us the chance to see why they do what they do. 886 more words